AFK Dungeon Coupon Codes 2022 August

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The editors and creators regularly release new AFK Dungeon Coupon Codes 2022 to thank its loyal players. They will give you items, resources and accessories such as gold and gems.

AFK Dungeon is an Idle Action game developed by CookApps in which you will have to go through many dungeons where there are many enemies. Your main character will progress and increase in skills while obtaining new objects, statistics and weapons as they progress.
The gold you recover in the game by mining can help you buy new equipment and skills to finally obtain the ultimate hero of the game.

List of AFK Dungeon Coupon Codes 2022

Our code list for AFK Dungeon will get you gold, merry, gems but also keys that you can exchange for better items. We strongly recommend adding this site to your favorites (Ctrl + D) to stay informed of news. We have a list of 500+ games with gift codes

AFK Dungeon Coupon CodesReward
BFRIDAY10,000 Gems and 10 Hero Keys (code valid until 31st December)
NEWHEROES082320 Soul Stones (Valid until August 31st, 2021) (New)
GDVALHALLA8152 Mimic Keys and 2000 Jewels (Valid until September 31st, 2021) (active)
300KTHANKS3 Mimic Keys and 30,000,000 Gold (Valid until July 31st, 2021)
FREEAFK1000 Jewels and 50,000,000 Gold
GOOGLE1ST1111 Gems and 11,111,111 Gold

AFK Dungeon Preview of Update 1.1.25

Please note that the update schedule has not yet been confirmed and the information below is subject to change.

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Added Features:

Goblin Treasure Chest:

Each time you enter mines, a certain percentage of acquired millstones are stored in the treasure chest. (the amount obtained is the same as before)
If the symbol engraved on the ticket obtained after clearing the contents of the mine matches, some of the accumulated millstones will be acquired.
The number of stacks that can be obtained varies according to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place rankings.

A small essence for every 7 pieces of equipment is added.

Rare quality equipment = 3 small essence / High quality equipment 2 small essence / Normal quality equipment can be converted into 1 small essence.
Small essence does not occupy inventory space like existing essence and is stored in inventory as N.

In the gear level popup, the autofill button is replaced by the [Complete Tier 1] button.
When you click the button, the amount of equipment and the amount of gold are saved so that the equipment increases by one level from the current level.


  • The essence conversion function has been added so that equipment obtained from the Tower of Trials can also be converted into small essences.
  • Now blacksmiths can automatically upgrade equipment using Essence.
  • In the case of automatically collected equipment, the registration status of the collection has been changed.
  • Daily stacks and 1+1 benefits of Daily Essence products in the in-app store are available.
  • When purchasing the aforementioned product, 100% of the purchased quantity will be provided additionally.

Bug fixes:

  • Dungeon NPC bug during continuous challenges of Cursed Forest and Frozen Canyon has been fixed;
  • (NEW) Fixed an issue where stage progress was entered incorrectly when a monster died while processing a monster in the Cursed Forest;
  • (NEW) Fixed the bug where the number was displayed as negative when the cumulative damage of the arena is exceeded.
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How to Redeem AFK Dungeon Code to get free rewards?

afk dungeon coupon code

To claim a coupon code in AFK Dungeon , there are a few simple steps to complete. Not that different from other games.

Total Time: 3 minutes

  • For Android user, you have to click in game on the Game Settings on the Top Right Side of screen
  • Then, you have to find the “coupon code” button and click on it and next, enter one of the above code
  • Finally, you have to click on “Receive Prize” and return to game. You will receive the reward like coins, gems, potions and tickets
  • Also, if you you don’t find how to redeem code, you can look at this video :

    Game info

    Welcome to the AFK dungeon! Play when you have time, grow even when you don’t! Combine various items, skills and characteristics to create the best hero!

    Vast 3D RPG adventure
    Enjoy a new full 3D strategy game!
    Characters in the background, immerse yourself in animated 3D action!

    Idle play
    Adjust them all with the touch of a finger! The best kind of game for busy people! Get stronger as you eat, sleep, work and every moment in between! Progress at a fast speed for maximum gaming entertainment!

    Various skills
    Take a break from all the obvious skills you’ve already experienced a hundred times!
    Perfect from action to effect! Try out various unusual skills that you can only find in AFK Dungeon!

    Unlimited dungeon play
    Roguelike! Endless Dungeon!
    Attack the dungeon with your own style! You can play as many times as you want, whenever you want.

    Check back regularly so as not to miss the next news, events, codes, tier list and guides. If you use social networks, feel free to share with your friends or your guild.

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