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There will soon be a new update for Age of Empires IV, and with it will come the beginning of Season 2. This updated film has a host of novelties and other modifications.

A new season of Age of Empires 4 is release today.

The first Age of Empires game was launched in Europe in 1998, marking the beginning of a series that has since become a classic in the real-time strategy genre. Age of Empires IV, the series’ last opus, will be launched on PC in October 2021, making the franchise almost twenty years old and still alluring.

In April of 2017, players were given access to the first season, named “Festival of Ages,” which included many new features for the series, including ranked games, a content editor, and the ability to import modifications. And if you start playing the game right now, you’ll be treated to a brand new update that introduces Season 2 called “Map Monsters” in honor of the monsters shown on vintage maps.

New features in this season 4 of Age of Empires

Today, July 12th, you can get your hands on some of the season’s newest offerings. The first of these seasonal events, dubbed “Age of Discovery,” features both new challenges and prizes and heralds the return of ranked games.

In addition to returning favorites, new dishes may be found in “The Pit,” a new menu introduced in Season 2. This map has a wide open area in the middle of a woodland valley that protects a holy location from the elements and is perfect for competitive encounters. You may also explore the campaign at your leisure, since all tasks are available right from the get-go.

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Finally, many options have been added, such as a map preference system, customizable keyboard shortcuts, a player-selectable color palette, and new, optional camera settings; this post on the official site goes into great detail about these and other changes, as well as those made to the gameplay, campaign missions, and even the game’s various civilizations.

In summary, we will find in this new season of AoE 4

  • Map Creatures
  • Grouped components
  • The passing of the seasons
  • New incentives
  • New “Pit” Map; Additional Missions
  • Extra configuration options

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