Roblox Amongst Us Codes 2022 October

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Find our list of new Amongst Us Codes 2022 that work today. It is updated as soon as a new one is released.

Among Us is a famous game well known on several platforms, and although Roblox also has its own version, and it’s a success! Here, we take the same scenario where two clans clash, the impostors and the teammates. The former will try to sabotage and destroy the crew, while the teammates will try to find out who the impostor is. A thrilling game!

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Roblox Amongst Us Codes 2022 List

To evolve in the game, each player has the possibility of using codes for Among Us which will give gems and coins in order to buy accessories such as hats, clothes, to completely change their look to resemble the opponent.

Find here all the Roblox Promocodes 2022 and enjoy the best exclusive gifts

  • FNFupdate – code for free coins
  • freegems – Redeem code for 140 Gems (NEW)
  • newhatcrates – Redeem this for 900 Coins
  • anewcrewmate  – Redeem this for a free Mini Crewmate Pet
  • 999IQ – Redeem this for free Coins
  • 50Mvisits – Redeem this for 500 Coins
  • 100Mcrewmates – Redeem this for free Coins
  • yayfreecoins – Redeem this for 2000 coins

Where to find new Code for Amongst Us ?

Are you running out of resources? or do you need to farm more now? What if you know the new Amongst Us codes or event as soon as they are released? To do this, you need to know or be informed. The sources of information for the game are not secret. They are often the official media of the game. Besides, I also use them to update the site and thus you give the most reliable information possible. Often times, I use either the official site, or Crestacis on Twitter, or discord server. In rare cases, I search youtube.

How to Redeem code in Amongst Us ?

Roblox Amongst Us Codes

To use a code in Among Us, you must launch a game, and then click on the “Inventory” menu. In this new window, several menus are possible, click on the button “codes” to represent with the blue bird of Twitter. Then enter a code in the field and finally click on “Submit”. After that, you will immediately receive gems or coins

Game info and Update

NEW CODE: freegems for free gems!

2 new hat crates! (Special #1 and Special #2)
USE CODE: newhatcrates for free coins!
USE CODE: anewcrewmate for a free MINI CREWMATE PET!

Welcome to Amongst Us! This game is a recreation of Among Us in Roblox!

IMPOSTOR: (Murderer) Sabotage and kill all crewmates secretly! Hide your tracks and use lies to avoid being voted out!
CREWMATE: (Innocent) Complete your tasks or vote out the Impostors to win! Help the other crewmates discover who the Impostor is!

CONTROLS: Mobile and PC: Buttons on screen.
Keyboard Shortcuts – Tab/M: Map – R: Report – E: Use & Emergency Button – Impostors: F: kill – V: vents – 1-3 to switch between vents.

Create free VIP servers to play with friends!
Credits: InnerSloth (game idea) & Scribblenauts (art style inspiration)!

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