Angel Squad Redeem Codes 2022 October

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Find here in our wiki all the Angel Squad Redeem Codes 2022 that work today. They will give you the chance to get unique rewards such as box, pack and ressources.

Angel Squad is one of the latest action games developed by LYTO released in 2021. Here the game embodies an angel who will be responsible for fighting alienation and bringing peace to the world. Each angel that you can play in the game has its own skills and abilities, as well as weapons to better fight against enemies.

List of Angel Squad Redeem Codes 2022

Our code list for Angel Squad will allow you to obtain many items and resources to help you in your progress. Also, redeem them quickly before they expire. We strongly recommend adding this site to your favorites (Ctrl + D) to stay informed of news. We have a list of 500+ games with gift codes

Angel Squad Redeem CodesReward
uydl1he1box, pack and ressources (valid until 31st August)
v67idfe1Combat Exp Manual x10, Powerful Balance Capsule x10 and Angel Recruit Atlas x20(valid until 31st July)
2fmgd9ehbox, pack and ressources (valid until 30th June)
kcibrpbkbox, pack and ressources (valid until 30th June)
xdc56remCombat EXP Manual x9, Armament Research Blueprint x 6, Angel Recruit Blueprint x20, Angel Recruit Atlas x22 (valid until 30th June)
iriv3tenMicro Canned Food x5, Mini Ammo Box x5 and Angel Recruit Atlas x10 (valid until 7th June)
0gpf44ieMicro Canned Food x5, Mini Ammo Box x5 and Angel Recruit Atlas x10 (valid until 25th May)
9kua3qifMicro Canned Food x5, Mini Ammo Box x5 and Angel Recruit Atlas x20 (valid until 11th May)
twmstpi0Epic Tech Box x3 (valid until 28th April)
wywcvnigAmmunition x5000 (valid until 26th April)
6j03glbtFood x5000 (valid until 24th April)
t15easirSpecial War Supply Certificate x10 (valid until 14th April)
nxsfyzigAmmunition x5000 (valid until 12th April)
73vpa5idFood x5000 (valid until 10th April)
ddx0zqi5Combat Exp Manual x10, Powerful Balance Capsule x10 and Special War Supply Certificate x10 (valid until 9 March)
ul7ctsiwShop Street Lottery, Bar Member Voucher, Cofee Cafe Voucher, Florist Member Card, Amusement Park Pass, Park Event Ticket and Candy Sweetheart (valid until 20th February)
k3l328b2Food x5000, Ammo x5000, Special War Supply Certificate x10 and Advanced Equip Supply Box x3
xfpt92i2Micro Canned Food x3, Mini Ammo Box x3 and Advanced Equpment Supply Box x3 (Valid until 25th January)
in2haxi4Furniture Coin x20, Concentrated Energy Core x5, Furniture Grade Biru x1 (Valid until 18th January)
werbvkp7Micro Canned Food x3, Mini Ammo Box x3, Oath Ring x1
7il3xspnFood x2022, Ammo x2022, Diamond x222, Combat EXP Manual x22, Furniture Coin x22 and Oath Ring x1 (valid until 31 December 2021)
Zjh246a3Redeem this code and get Combat Exp Manual4 – Balance Capsule3 – Normal Tech Box5 – Food500 – Ammo*500 in Angel Squad

Where can I find new Angel Squad Codes?

Sources of reliable information are easy to find. You should know that all Angel Squad Gift Codes are distributed only by the publisher through its official social networks. Here are the links we use to update ourselves and keep us informed of the latest news for this game:

How to Redeem Angel Squad Code to get free rewards?

To claim a Gift code in Angel Squad, there are a few simple steps to complete. Not that different from other games.

  1. First, in game you have to click on your Avatar on the top-right corner
  2. Then on, the new windows you should click on “Redeem Code” button
  3. Next you must enter one of the above codes on the “Masukkan Redeem code” text box
  4. Finally press “ok” and return to game have the box, exp and ressources
Angel Squad Redeem Codes

Game Info

Project Angel is immediately activated to save Earth’s destruction. Project Angel succeeded in making humans have many times the power by injecting special genes into their bodies.

Various beautiful and cute girls from all over the world were chosen to join Project Angel. The girl who was chosen was later named Angel and was put into various academies to undergo training.

In addition to undergoing training in the Academy, the Angels are also tasked with exterminating the Aliens and reclaiming the cities in the world. While on a mission, the Angels on duty are called ANGEL SQUAD.

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