Art of Conquest Update 21st February

[Update source : Facebook]Miasma Forest, New Dragon Abandon Prompt, and Other Upgrades and Improvements
Greetings, Commander!
We will be patching and updating Art of Conquest around 01:00 UTC on February 22 for about 2 hours. Once the update is complete, simply open the game to download the update and continue playing.
You will be notified of any schedule changes. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

[Miasma Forest]
  • Lead your troops into the Miasma Forest and conquer the powerful and dark Source of Miasma during events. All your troops will be doubled so you can enter the jungle at the start of the challenge.
  • You will start this challenge with a number of available moves. Grab and defeat the Miasma Source within the set number of moves to win! Run out of moves at any time and you’ve been defeated!
    The inaugural Miasma Forest event will kick off at 04:00 UTC on February 25, 2022.
    See in-game for more information on event rules.
[New Dragon Exit Request]
  • After starting the Black Dragon Challenge, the Commander will receive an SMS push notification 1 hour before it ends.
  • Commander can enable/disable this notification in Settings – Notification Management.
[Updated “Seasonal Battlefield” Time]
  • We have optimized “Divine Trials”. Furthermore, the “Group Raid” event scheduled for March 2, 2022 has been changed to the “Divine Trial” event.
  • We have optimized “Night Fire Monster”. Furthermore, the “Nightfire Monster” event scheduled for February 22, 2022 for servers that have participated in Conquer Drake has been changed to the “Rhino Rampage” event.
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[Other Bug Improvements & Fixes]
  • SFX War Horn for Avalon base skin and Dark Duelist skin now only appears under high graphics settings.
  • Added a dropdown button to the right of Commander Details in the Nearby Commanders list. Tap to view Core Strength, Fort Level, White Flag, and Battle Status.
    Thank you Commander for your support! Because of you, Art of Conquest is able to continue to have such an amazing community. Keep in mind that you can always learn more about this game by searching for “Art of Conquest” on Facebook. We are waiting for you there!

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