Art of War Legions Redeem Codes 2022 October

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Find here all the Art of War Legions Redeem Codes 2022 that work today. They will give you gold, diamonds, scrolls. Art of War Legion is an action game developed by Fastone Games HK in which you play as a commander at the head of a powerful army. You fight spectacular battles where your strategy will be the key to success. Indeed, the adversary armies will be more numerous and more powerful than yours. With its quests and thrilling task you will have fun. The resources that you will collect in the game like diamonds and gold will help you to improve the defenses of your castle which will be frequently attacked and subjected to severe test.

List of Art of War Legions Redeem Codes 2022 October

We’ve compiled a list of all the Art of War Legions codes that are currently available. These coupons may be redeemed for free gold, diamonds, jewels, and scrolls. We strongly recommend adding this site to your favorites (Ctrl + D) to stay informed of news. We have a list of 500+ games with gift codes

Art of War Legions Redeem CodesReward
anniver3y600 gems and 300k coins (Added on 28th September)
LoveDaddygold, diamonds, jewels, and scrolls (Added on 19th June)
dragon505gold, diamonds, jewels, and scrolls (Added on 2nd June)
SpringMayRedeem code for diamonds (Added on 6th May)
Womanday8Today we inaugurate the great International Women’s Day, which is established on March 8 each year to celebrate the significant contributions and great achievements of women in the economic field.
ArtOfW022Redeem code for diamonds (Added on 2nd February)
TigerS022Redeem code for diamonds (Added on 1st February)
Lucky2022Redeem code for diamonds (Added on 31st January)
BDCakeAoWfree reward like coins and diamonds (Added on 1st October)
Olympic21free reward like coins and diamonds
SUNISHEREfree reward like coins and diamonds
RamadanMuRedeem this code to get free items
MotherdayRedeem this code to get 10 coins, 2 diamonds and 1 Troop
MuppaMay1Redeem this free gift
ScroogeMCRedeem this to get 10 coins, 2 diamonds and 1 Troop
aafriendsRedeem this to get 200 diamonds, 50000 Gold
LastCodeMRedeem this to get 400 Diamonds, x1 Scroll
WomenDay8Diamonds, Gold and rewards
Lantern21Diamonds, Gold and rewards
aafriendsx200 Diamonds and x50k Gold
Xingfu888coins, gems and rewards
ChuYiFebrgems and rewards
ChuSui021gems and rewards
OxYear021gems and rewards
Santawywyexclusive rewards
SantaFamCx500 Gems
AoWAwardsx300 Diamonds and x50k Gold
2021NYBaox500 Gems

How to Redeem Art of War Legions Codes to get free rewards?

To use Gift Codes in Art of War Legions there is a very simple little procedure. This may be different depending on whether the games are on Andoid or on IOS

  • As you imagine the first step is to launch into the games
  • Then, in the game, locate the icon that looks like a main menu, and click on it
  • Now in the new window you should see a “Redemption code box” button
  • Then enter one of this above and validate
  • You will receive the reward like Diamonds, Gold and coins and many more
Art of War Legions Redeem Codes

How can I find new Art of War Legions Codes?

Our list of Art of War Legions Redeem Codes is the most up-to-date of all. It is updated as soon as a new fact is released. All come from the official media of the game. In no case can we create any. So there are two choices to know the last ones, and here’s how to find them:

Description and event

Event time: October 27 – November 15; Submission deadline: November 14
Event rules:
1) You have 19 days to post your clan promotion in our Facebook group – Art of War Players with the hashtag # AOWCAB3 (AOW Clan Ads Battle – season 3);
2) The name and ID of the clan must be included in the message;
3) It can be an advertisement of any format: a song, a poem, a MV, a video, an image, etc. (if it is a video, please also include the link for the convenience of the jury during the evaluation process);
4) Please post the same ad only once, as we will remove repeated posts with fewer likes and comments;
5) Try to be original and do not copy other people’s work from the internet, because if your work does not pass the originality test, it will not pass the initial selection;
Voting rules :
– On November 15th, we will choose 10 clans with the most likes under their position and 10 impartial jury members will rate them on a scale of 1 to 5. They will rate the works on different criteria including likes, reposts, comments , the difficulty of the work, creativity, originality, subjective opinion, etc.
The 10 juries will be chosen as follows and will be composed of:
-3 AoW administrators,
-2 Discord moderators (players),
-2 members of the Clan,
-3 of the most active or famous players;
We will announce the names of the juries as well as the list of winners so that no party can influence the members of the jury during the vote and the evaluation of the works.
Rewards (sent to all clan members):
1st place: 1200 gems. + Special Honor Award: the clan announcement will be posted and pinned in all our communities for 5 days increasing the prestige of the clan.
2nd place: 1000 gems.
3rd place: 800 gems.
4th place: 600 gems.
5th place: 500 gems.
6th – 10th place 300 gems.
It’s time to show the true intellectual and creative power of your clan! And may the force of public relations be with you!
P.S. Below is the video example of last season’s winner / contestant:

Download on Google Play

Check back regularly so as not to miss the next Art of War Legions Codes, events, tier list and guides. If you use social networks, feel free to share with your friends or your guild.

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