Bayonetta 3 revealed the game’s explicit content, ESRB and a probable release date

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A classification from the ESRB, required prior to the game’s official release, is more evidence that Bayonetta 3 is on its way.

The ESRB has officially rated Bayonetta 3.

Bayonetta 3, which was first teased in a (very) brief clip back in 2013, seems to be nearing completion. We don’t know the precise date, but Nintendo has said it will be in 2022, so naturally our attention turns to the release date and whatever other tidbits of information we can find.

Yes, that’s right; the ESRB (the American counterpart of the European PEGI) has officially certified PlatinumGames’ software. One indicator of a game’s maturity is its rating from a group that studies its material and assigns it an appropriate age range; in this instance, the game was given the “Mature” classification, meaning that players must be at least 17 years old to enjoy it.

what’s new in this chapter of the saga?

When one is familiar with the witch’s methods of exterminating her foes, it is not surprising to find the categories “violence” and “nudity” among the most influential elements. More fascinating even is the announcement of “in-game purchases,” a first for the series, which begs the question, “would these be microtransactions — for example, to gain weapons or talents quicker — or true DLC/extensions, planned later?”

There may soon be a release date thanks to this ESRB classification, pending clarification. We have not yet received confirmation from the proper authorities.

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