Birushana: Benkei Musashibo Ending Guide

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He is the stillness before the tempest. Additionally, he is the storm. He is Benkei Musashibo, Birushana, the beloved of Flower of Genpei, who is a stoic monk. Benkei is taller than most of the other characters, and his heart is much more pure. This is a guy who will protect Shanao till the very end, not because of her ancestry but because of who she is as a person in and of herself.

Because it is so difficult not to love the man, at least to some degree, it should come as no surprise that some players would desire the heroine of Birushana to spend the rest of her life with him by her side. A mix of being nice, being tough, and following this guidance will make Benkei fall head over heals in love with you.

Understanding More About Benkei

Benkei’s inadvertent catchphrase was the one that got us laughing out loud the most out of all the reoccurring jokes in Birushana. The good monk will do everything in his power to be Shanao’s bulwark, her sovereign protector, and even her cook — and it appears that he just doesn’t have it in him to accept a reality in which the Genji’s heir lets herself do without. This is because if he reiterates his intentions in the future, he will be taken by surprise if Shanao reminds him that she is not interested in his assistance.

Understanding More About Benkei

That can come out as being too authoritative. It’s possible that it will be for certain gamers. However, Benkei’s dogged determination is accompanied with an endearing quality—a genuineness that is so refreshingly innocent that it makes him a joy to be in the company of. When you add on top of that his unwavering dedication (really, this man would do absolutely everything to ensure your safety), there is a lot to appreciate about him.

Love is returned. This is the most important piece of guidance that we can provide, as will become clear in the following options. If Shanao does not rein him in, Benkei will give all he has without thinking about himself. As is the case with Shungen, he too needs to be reminded that he exists.

How to Get Benkei’s Happy Ending (with Answers)

Shared Route 1-1“You really wish to restore the Genji?”Kindness Increases
Shared Route 1-2“There’s got to be a way out of this.”
Shared Route 2-1“I can’t live up to the Genji name.Kindness Increases
Shared Route 2-2“I don’t want war with the Heike.”Kindness Increases
Shared Route 2-3“Great, thanks.”
Shared Route 2-4“I’m sorry… but I have to go see her.”Kindness Increases
Shared Route 2-1-12“Why must I bear the name of Genji?”Kindness Increases
Shared Route 2-1-13“That is none of your business.”Strength Increases
Shared Route 2-1-14“If you know for sure, fight me.”
Shared Route 3-1-1“Having a vassal is too much for me.”Kindness Increases
Shared Route 3-1-5“I cannot cause trouble for Kurama.”Knowledge Increases
Shared Route 3-1-7“I’d like to believe it’s fate, too.”Benkei’s Love Meter Rises
Benkei’s Route 4-1“You don’t look like you’ve slept a wink.”Benkei’s Love Meter Rises
Benkei’s Route 4-3“You must have been very lonely.”Benkei’s Love Meter Rises
Benkei’s Route 6-1“Thanks for taking care of me today.”Kindness Increases
Benkei’s Route 6-2“It’s all thanks to you.”Benkei’s Love Meter Rises
Benkei’s Route 7-1“I was just naive.”Knowledge Increases
Benkei’s Route 7-1“I had a feeling you’d say that.”Benkei’s Love Meter Rises
Benkei’s Route 8-1“Can you make it, Benkei?”Benkei’s Love Meter Rises and Kindness Increases
Benkei’s Route 9-1“I need Benkei to support me.”Benkei’s Love Meter Rises
Benkei’s Route 10-1“You didn’t have to do it alone.”Benkei’s Love Meter Rises
Benkei’s Route 11-1“I’ll be fine as long as you’re with me.”Benkei’s Love Meter Rises
Benkei’s Route 12-1“As my vassal, or…?”Benkei’s Love Meter Rises

How to Get Benkei’s Tragic Ending

Benkei’s Tragic Ending may be reliably triggered in one of two different ways, just as it can be in numerous other romance pathways. You have the option to rewind to a point very close to the finish and reduce your numbers until they are equal to zero, which removes Shanao’s allure (or something). If, on the other hand, you want to get the full pseudo-Shakespearean experience, our chart will show you exactly when things start to veer from the original text.

Benkei’s Route 8-1“That’s nice of you to say.
Benkei’s Route 9-1“I want Benkei to scold me.”
Benkei’s Route 10-1“I want to know the truth.”
Benkei’s Route 11-1“If we’re together, we can’t lose.”
Benkei’s Route 12-1“Of course I want you there with me.”
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