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  • pokemon-ecarlate-violet-charbambin-carmadura-malvalame

    Exclusive Pokémon Malvalame and Carmadura Coming to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: An Event Guide for Tera Raid Battles

    The world of Pokémon continues to evolve, and the latest addition to the franchise is the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Tera Raid event, featuring the exclusive Pokémon Malvalame and Carmadura. These unique creatures are only obtainable in their respective versions and are set to appear more frequently in the Teracristal raids starting February 3rd. In this article, we will explain…

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  • Dead Island 2 is its FLESH system

    Dead Island 2: The Next Level of Zombie Killing Experience

    Dead Island 2, the eagerly awaited zombie game, will be released on April 28th. After years of development and transfers between two different studios, Dambuster Studios has finally brought the game to fruition. The end result promises to offer a singular experience, unlike any other zombie-slaying game. The FLESH system, a procedurally generated limb-severing system, is one of the defining…

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  • The Sims 5 Not an MMO EA Gives Latest Update

    The Sims 5: “Not an MMO”, EA Gives Latest Update

    Electronic Arts has finally confirmed the existence of The Sims 5 and given it the name “Project Rene” after years of speculation. Thanks to lengthy playtest sessions intended to improve the overall gameplay experience, the upcoming game promises to provide even more customization options than its predecessors. It’s important to remember that while fans eagerly await the release of the…

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  • Genshin Impact Baizhu

    Genshin Impact Leak Reveals First Baizhu Kit Details

    Genshin Impact has taken the world by storm as a popular action role-playing game, attracting millions of players globally. The anticipation for the new character Baizhu has been building among the players in recent months. The recent leak regarding Baizhu has generated a lot of excitement and buzz in the gaming community, making players even more eager for his arrival…

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  • fortnite-x-dragon-ball

    Fortnite X Dragon Ball: The Ultimate Guide to Challenges and Free Cosmetics

    Are you ready for a thrilling experience in Fortnite with Dragon Ball? Following the first event that occurred some months ago, Dragon Ball is back with a vengeance on Fortnite, offering new challenges and prizes. The challenges are separated into two segments, with the first segment available now and the second segment coming in a week. This guide will take…

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  • Ashika Island The Next Resurgence Map in Warzone 2

    Ashika Island: The Next Resurgence Map in Warzone 2 with Exciting Features and Release Date

    The launch of Season 2 in Warzone 2 was scheduled for today, but has been postponed for a few more days. Activision is taking advantage of this extra time to tease us about what’s in store for the game, including the next map in Resurgence mode, Ashika Island! Ashika Island is the Next Resurgence Map! When Call of Duty Warzone…

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  • Street Fighter Duel mobile

    Street Fighter: Duel, the First RPG in the Series

    Capcom, the renowned video game developer, has partnered with Crunchyroll Games to introduce fans to a new adventure in the Street Fighter universe through Street Fighter: Duel. This eagerly awaited RPG game, launching on Android and iOS platforms in February 2023, breaks away from the typical Street Fighter games and offers players an innovative and thrilling gaming experience A Partnership…

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  • The Settlers New Allies

    The Settlers New Allies: The Next Big Thing in Strategy Gaming

    Blue Byte (Ubisoft) is developing “The Settlers: New Allies”, a highly detailed real-time strategy (RTS) game set to launch on February 17th, 2023. This game is expected to offer a stiff competition to Age of Empires and is guaranteed to fulfill the desire of strategy gamers seeking a new challenge 3 Factions to Start With and More Content to Come…

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  • The Crew 3 Motorfest Announced

    The Crew 3: Motorfest Announced – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

    Ubisoft and Ivory Tower unveil “The Crew 3: Motorfest” as the next installment in The Crew franchise. With Oahu, Hawaii as the backdrop, the game offers players an action-packed racing experience. This article delves into what players can expect from the eagerly awaited game Continuing The Crew Legacy The Crew and The Crew 2 have maintained a strong and passionate…

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  • E3 2023 Lacks Major Industry Players as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo

    E3 2023 Lacks Major Industry Players as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Opt Out

    E3, the annual convention of the video game industry, could do without the participation of the three biggest players, Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation, in 2023. This news raises questions about the future of the fair and the direction the industry is taking in terms of communication. . An E3 without the big manufacturers: a new kind of event? After a year of cancellation in 2020 due to the pandemic…

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