Chronicle of Infinity Update 23rd August 2022

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Find here the newest Chronicle of Infinity Update. In order to improve the quality of your gameplay experience, the Chronicle of Infinity servers will be down for two hours beginning at 01:00 August 24, 2022, GMT-5. Please log out of the servers before the shutdown occurs to prevent any data loss.

For further information pls kindly check below.


24 August 2022 01:00-03:00 EST 7 August 2022 07:00-09:00 EST 1 August 2022 14:00-16:00 EST 8 August 2022

1 – New contents

  • [Explore] “Abyss Trial,” introduced “Racing Mode” for players to test their speed and agility in.
  • [War Mount] The Defender, a brand new Void mount, has been released.
  • [Outfit] New outfit – “Waft Charm”.

2 – Optimizations

  1. [Reshaping] “Augment,” with the new Combine function, allows for the creation of high-level Reshaping Essence from lower-level components.
  2. The second change is a filtering system for Holy Gear that can be accessed through the “Backpack” interface and is organized according to character classes and levels.
  3. [Avian] “Plume”, introduced the slots that may be unlocked by Avian stars.
  4. [Explore] “Abyss Trial,” after completing the trial a total of nine times with a 100% success rate, the option to immediately collect the prizes will become accessible.
  5. The fifth dungeon, [Explore] “Nightmare Ruins,” allows Oathsworn to bypass the first seven levels and get their prizes right away if they make it through.
  6. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 14:00 to 20:00, participants may take part in the “Super Array” competition for a chance to win daily prizes based on their overall point totals.
  7. [Pet] When swapping pets during combat, the pet will now switch to the player immediately.
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3 – Modification

The bug with the icon for Holy Gear at level 100 has been fixed.
As soon as maintenance is complete, you will get your compensation.
Check out for the newest updates.
Please come and join us on the official Discord Server at

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