Cyber Era Codes 2022 August

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Our list of Cyber ​​Era Redemption Codes 2022 can be exchanged for keys, boosts, raw materials like steel, carbon and titanium.

Cyber ​​Era is a game developed by GOAT Games where the action takes place in a futuristic Cyberpunk world where the survival of humanity depends on you. Through a fierce war the criminal syndicates and big corporations will be hungry for power. As a boss in your city, you will ensure that order and justice are restored. For this you will search for new technologies to improve your character and the army of soldiers of the future that you will create to protect your civilization. Many legendary heroes will be on your way, develop their talents, improve them and fight this AI which so much to reduce the world to ashes.

The AI ​​battles are in real time in a dynamic map where you can send your troops into battles, either solo or with your friends. Explore this world and conquer it using strategies unique to you. To better succeed in this strategy game, the creator has made available a list of codes for Cyber ​​Era which will give you free resources like steel, titan glass and many more.

Cyber Era Gift Codes 2022 List

Our list of Cyber ​​Era Redemption Codes 2022 can be exchanged for many resources such as the Titan Verret, keys and boosts. Also used them before they expired. We have a list of 500+ games with gift codes

Cyber Era Gift CodesReward
cybereraRedemption deadline: 2022/08/06 00:00
ThankyoumomGeneral Boost, Elite Keycode, 10K Steel, 10K Carbon Fiber and Bioenergy (valid until 10th May)
Cyberera2022Elite Keycode, Advanced Keycode x3, 10K steel x5, 10K Carbon Fiber x5 and 7.5K Bioenergy x5 (valid until 5th May)
Happy Mothers’ DayElite Keycode x5, 60min General Boost x 5
New server rewardAdvanced Keycode x5, 60min General Boost x 5
CyberErafree rewards
Cyberera2021free rewards
Merrychristmasfreee rewards
Thanksgivingfree rewards

Useful video

We have taken the liberty of showing you a video titled “Early Access” which seems relevant. This relates to the youtube channel of Bagelmon. Several tips for the game, new features and beginners guides are revealed on it.

Where to find the new Cyber Era codes ?

Many players of Cyber Era want this information. Imagine enjoying new objects or characters before others? There is nothing secret, you just have to follow the GOAT broadcast channels to know them as soon as they are released. Often times the faster search is more reliable than spending time searching on youtube or browsing google results. Beware of those who promise to have unlimited Keycode and Boost or hacks. That is why, for this game, we have listed some safe sources for you. These are also the ones we use to update ourselves. They are :

How to Redeem Cyber Era Code to get free rewards?

To claim a promo code in Cyber Era, there are a few simple steps to complete. Not that different from other games.

Cyber Era Gift Codes
  1. First, you have to go in game with your character
  2. Then you need to find the “Avatar” icon on the left of screen
  3. Now, click on the “Redeem Packages” tab
  4. Next you must enter one of the above codes in “Enter your coupon code” field
  5. Finally, return to game have the gift

Game description and update

The story takes place in a futuristic cyberpunk world where humanity is in a fierce war against AI threats, criminal syndicates and greedy mega-corporations. As the overseer of your own cyber city, you must restore order to society, research new and forgotten technologies, and train an army of future soldiers to protect your civilization. Assemble legendary heroes, develop their unique talents and fight the malicious threat of artificial intelligence! Defend the future of humanity in this exciting Cyberpunk world!

  • Title : Cyber Era
  • Publisher : GOAT
  • Genre : Strategy
  • Download :

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