Darkness Rises Coupon Codes 2022 August

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Our list of Darkness Rises Coupon Codes 2022 will be redeemable for Gems, Gold, Stone Chest, Keys and Tickets.

Darkness Rises is a role-playing game developed by NEXON Company with already more than 10000000 million downloads for Android and IOS. Here you will be in the role of a character that you will choose from several classes according to your preferences, whether it is a mage or a berserker. Your goal will be to annihilate your enemies using all its skills that you improve as the game progresses. These will be more and more powerful and you could also have fun in PvP combat in the arena.

In its modern style with superb graphics and innovative gameplay, this game will captivate you for hours by promising you epic combat against hordes of monsters and demons, each more bloodthirsty than the other. To achieve this you will need to collect resources like gold, chests and gems and you can also get some with Darkness Rises Codes

πƒπšπ«π€π§πžπ¬π¬ π‘π’π¬πžπ¬ 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟐 π”π©ππšπ­πž π‘π¨πšπ 𝐌𝐚𝐩 is up now! visit the link below to check the 2022 update plans from devs!Link:

List of Darkness Rises Coupon Codes 2022

You will be able to redeem our list of Darkness Rises Codes 2022 below for in-game resources to upgrade your characters, such as gold, gems, chests and various gear. We have aΒ list of 500+ games with gift codes

Darkness Rises Coupon CodesReward
HolidaywithdrRank S++ Gear Choice Chest and 2M Gold
Intotheunderworld3000 Gems
THANKSGIVINGWITHDR3000 gems, 3 pet Summon Tickets and 10 Costume Summon Tickets (Added on 18th November)
DRSTREAMX820Rank S++ Gear Choice Chest and Rank L Polish Chest (Added on August 21st, 2021)
X820DRAGON3M Gold and Rank L Refining Stone Chest (Added on August 21st, 2021)
1095DAYSDRRank S Pet Egg and exclusive rewards (Added on July 22nd, 2021)
DR3RDPARTY50M Gems and exclusive rewards (Added on July 22nd, 2021)
LetsgoDR3000 Gems and exclusive rewards (Added on July 15th, 2021)
JUNESTREAM621X1Rank S++ Accessories Chest and Costume Deco Chest
0621x2dr10M Gold, 100 Clear Tickets, 500 Keys and 10 Choice DYE Tickets
DRFAISHON10M Gold and Costume Deco Chest
aprilcostumeexclusive rewards
aprilgoldexclusive rewards

How to Redeem Darkness Rises Codes to get free rewards?

Darkness Rises Coupon Codes

To use Gift Codes in Darkness Rises there is a very simple little procedure. This may be different depending on whether the games are on Andoid or on IOS

  1. First of all, You have to launch the game and locate the Main Menu on the bottom left side of screen

  2. Then a new window should open, find the “Options” button and click on it

  3. Now, you have to click on the “Coupon” button

  4. In the new window you should see an “Please enter the coupon code” text box.

  5. You will receive the reward like Gold, Tickets and Keys and many more

How can I find new Darkness Rises Codes?

Our list of Darkness Rises Coupon Codes is the most up-to-date of all. It is updated as soon as a new fact is released. All come from the official media of the game. In no case can we create any. So there are two choices to know the last ones, and here’s how to find them:


Darkness Rises is a revolutionary action RPG that combines stunning graphics, innovative gameplay and intense boss battles, all in the palm of your hands.

Darkness spreads across the land, bringing with it a horde of fierce demons ready to come through our doors. An epic fantasy RPG awaits – the road will be grueling, but you must persevere and descend to hell to destroy this evil before it wreaks havoc in our world.

Legendary heroes are at your disposal, from Heartwarming Berserker to Magician wielding magic. Character customization allows you to choose from a number of classes that match your playstyle and design your character however you see fit.

Hack and slash through fearsome monsters with an explosion of powerful skills. Enter the PvP arena and unleash your power against other players. This epic role-playing game pits you against demons and worse yet, can you rise to the challenge?

Check back regularly so as not to miss the next Darkness Rises Codes, events, tier list and guides. If you use social networks, feel free to share with your friends or your guild.

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