Dead by Daylight Tier List

Using the Dead by Daylight Tier List as a guide, you may choose the players who will play as the most effective killers and survivors for your game. If you want to win against the other players, you need to be aware of the players who are the most effective killers and survivors. When playing Dead by Daylight, it might be difficult to distinguish between those who have survived and those who have killed. Although their speeds are same, they have quite distinct appearances and provide very different advantages in very different ways. Every victor, whether they are the one who kills or the one who survives, has their own unique set of advantages that give them an edge over the rest.

You decide which survivors and murderers to play in Dead by Daylight depending on factors such as your level of experience, the style of gameplay you want, and the objectives you wish to accomplish while you are playing the game. If none of those things are important to you, then using tier S murderers and survivors is the simplest thing to do in this situation. Also we have a Dead By Daylight Codes list.

Dead by Daylight Tier List : Killer Community Rank

Here is a ranking the Dead by Daylight Killer that were sent in (Patch 6.0.0). The highest ratings for Dead by Daylight Killer (Patch 6.0.0) are at the top of the list, and the lowest ratings are at the bottom.

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Dead by Daylight Tier List : Killer Community Rank

Dead by Daylight Tier List : Survivor Community Rank

The ranking of the 56 submitted tier lists may be averaged to get the following Dead By Daylight Survivors Tier List, which represents the results of community vote. The best Dead By Daylight Survivors rankings may be found at the very top of the list, while the worst can be found all the way down at the very bottom.

Dead by Daylight Tier List : Survivor Community Rank

Dead by Daylight Tier List : S Rank

Character NameRankRole
Claudette MorelSSurvivors
Élodie RakotoSSurvivors
Feng MinSSurvivors
Jake ParkSSurvivors
Meg ThomasSSurvivors
Mikaela ReidSSurvivors
William OverbeckSSurvivors

Dead by Daylight Tier List : A Rank

Character NameRankRole
David KingASurvivors
Dwight FairfieldASurvivors
Kate DensonASurvivors
Laurie StrodeASurvivors
Nancy WheelerASurvivors
Nea KarlssonASurvivors

Dead by Daylight Tier List : B Rank

Character NameRankRole
Ghost FaceBKiller
Ace ViscontiBSurvivors
Cheryl MasonBSurvivors
Felix RichterBSurvivors
Jane RomeroBSurvivors
Jill ValentineBSurvivors
Leon Scott KennedyBSurvivors
Yui KimuraBSurvivors
Zarina KassirBSurvivors

Dead by Daylight Tier List : C Rank

Character NameRankRole
Redeem this code for rewards such as Adam FrancisCSurvivors
Detective David TappCSurvivors
Jeffrey JohansenCSurvivors
Steve HarringtonCSurvivors
Yun-Jin LeeCSurvivors

Dead by Daylight Tier List : D Rank

Character NameRankRole
Ash J. WilliamsDSurvivors
Haddie KaurDSurvivors
Jonah VasquezDSurvivors
Quentin SmithDSurvivors
Yoichi AsakawaDSurvivors

The Daylight tier list will help you pick the best killers and survivors, but you can test them in any way you want. You can learn everything there is to know about the game’s killers and survivors by trying them out for yourself, including how to stop them, how to play them, and which ones are best for your style of play.

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