Diablo 2 Ressurected Patch Notes 2.4.3

There will be a significant upgrade to Diablo 2 Resurrected. We give you the whole scoop!
Users of Diablo II: Resurrected may now get a fresh patch by logging into their accounts. The latter, which has a somewhat unassuming version number of 2.4.3., enhances gameplay by introducing a new and improved matching system. Ultimately, we want to give gamers with access to far more-populated games.

With Update 2.4.3 releasing on June 29, we’re introducing new features and various improvements aimed at optimizing multiplayer lobbies on console and PC. (…) From now on, all the sites in your region for which your connection is sufficient are offered to you. And to give you even more options, we’ve also doubled the maximum number of games that can appear in the Games List, from 20 games to 40 games. allows you to update your list in near real time. You still need to refresh your Games List manually, since we decided to keep this feature so that your list doesn’t refresh when you want to select a game. Finally, be aware that these improvements will be applied to lobbies on console and PC. Blizzard

This new suggestion also includes a new option that splits up online game searching into three distinct sections: private, custom game creation, and a curated list of matches. As its name implies, the first option allows you to keep your celebrations under wraps. You may make your own Salon and share it with the world with the second option, while the third displays a plain list of all the available parties. In addition to these changes, the patch note available below also includes a number of corrections and other adjustments.

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Patch notes in detail


  • After a Waterspout expires, you may immediately use another Waterspout, Leap, or Jump Attack.
  • Changes have been made to the logic that establishes how frequently Waterspout assaults occur. The faster attack speed from all equipment is now accounted for in Waterspout. With Waterspout, your character’s normal attack delay is replaced with a shorter one that is affected by the attack’s higher speed. When using two weapons at once, each strike will take about as long on average (rounded up). Waterspout will continue to be just as swift in battle. Faster speeds for slower weaponry.
  • In the General Skills section, we’ve included a new ability that allows you to deposit stuff straight into your Cube. If you have enough space in your Horadric Cube, you may use this ability to pick up an item and store it there.
  • To facilitate access to the Horadric Cube even when it is not equipped, we have implemented a hotkey system for keyboard and mouse users.
  • New to this update is the ability to access the Horadric Cube directly from the Inventory menu using a hotkey.
  • Assigning numerous stat points at once using a controller is now possible.
  • When assigning your last stat points on PC and console, a confirmation request will display. If you are using Legacy graphics, you cannot choose this option.
  • You may now choose to have your favourite location loaded automatically when you open the map.

Online game

  • You may double-click a game in the lobby on PC to join it.
  • If you’re using a Switch, you may now join a game established by your loved ones through the in-game Friends List.
  • From 20 games, we now have 40 on our list.
  • When you pick a game from the Game List, the relevant details presented on the info panel and in the Game List will load much more quickly.
  • If you play Diablo II: Resurected with your loved ones, you will appear at the top of the Friends List.
  • If you are playing on console, you will now be able to select whether or not to show the name of the game through the settings menu.
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Weekends now include double experience points.

In conclusion, remember that from June 30 to July 4, Blizzard is hosting an event that will improve your chances of obtaining better loot when you log out.

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