Dinosaur Simulator Codes

What are the new Dinosaur Simulator codes wiki and how to redeem it in Roblox? All of this can give you free reward such as new dinosaur or skins.

Dinosaur Simulator codes 2021

List of Roblox Dinosaur Simulator codes will now be updated whenever a new one is found for the game. It includes those who are seems valid and also the old ones which sometimes can still work. Usually, they offer players a large number of free resources and various items related to current events. You can also search this site for all your favorite games, tips and tricks, guides and of course all the codes for roblox games. If the game is not listed, contact me, I will update. Redeem Dinosaur Simulator codes and share with your friend and teams. As like many time, they have an expiration date.

Also you can see the Dinosaur Simulator forum or official Twitter account to get new one or information

New and working

RockMuncherunlock Terranotus a skin for Plateosaurus
JELLYDONUT200Munlock a Jelly Joy Concavenator
CAMBRIANEXPLOSIONunlock Anomalocaris a skin for Onchopristis
060515unlock a dinosaur
115454unlock a dinosaur
092316unlock a dinosaur
Burnt Burritounlock a dinosaur
AMERICAAmerican Eagle Balaur
drinnk Pizza Delivery Mapusaurus
Pokemantrainerunlock the Wyvern

Out of Date

It is possible that the codes below are still functional. But in principle, they are all expired. If you have any information about them, you can tell me in the comments.

  • none at this day

How to redeem Dinosaur Simulator codes ?

To use the Dinosaur Simulator code in this great game, you will need :

  • Step1 : You have to go click on code button next to the Help Button.
  • Step 2 : Then you have to write the code
  • Return to game and have the Redeem

It is also possible to follow this youtube link to see in video how to do it:

Link and Description

Welcome to Dinosaur Simulator. Live as one of the most amazing animals to walk the earth. Play as a dinosaur as you attempt to avoid disasters, predators, and starvation. Form packs or herds to boost your chance of survival. Grow old, & raise hatching of your own. Countless events in store for you as you live as a dinosaur. Brought to you by Unhatched Games! I hope you can enjoy what it is so far 🙂

Group: https://www.roblox.com/My/Groups.aspx?gid=2564897


Source : Roblox Game

I also invite you to register on the site so as not to miss the latest code. Also, a lot of information is broadcast on the official game channels. Other tips and patch notes may be announced on their media. Often you can enjoy more and be the first to know the latest Dinosaur Simulator code.

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