Dragon Raja Patch Notes 2022 January

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Find here the last official Dragon Raja Patch Notes, dated on 22th September 2021
This Patch Notes is from their official Facebook

UPDATE : 22th September 2021

– Check the new Dragon Raja Codes

Last Dragon Raja Patch Notes 22th September

They are about to shut down all servers for weekly maintenance from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. on September 23 (UTC + 0). Please prepare for the update and log out of the game 10 minutes before maintenance in case unnecessary losses could be caused. BTW, the server opening time is subject to actual operating conditions. And once the maintenance is complete, we will send update rewards to all players. Thanks for your support and understanding.
Content of the new version of the game:

  1. New Main Story – Clues.
    What is illusion and what is reality? How can I find you, Johann? Where are you?
  2. New scene – Starry Sky Pavilion.
    Do you want to stand high among the stars? Welcome to the Tokyo Dark Sky Art Museum!
  3. New event – Palace of the White Emperor.
    Each Friday, the original Yakuza peak will be replaced by the White Emperor Palace event.
    The Palace of the White Emperor of Norton is back, with incredible treasures and corresponding risks! The news has attracted many elites … Team up with other elites to take on Norton’s challenges. The winning team will have the chance to compete with the best of the other servers;
    Register from 8:00 p.m. to 8:55 p.m. every Friday at Norton’s Envoy at Cassell College and enter the Local Server Competition at 8:56 p.m.
    All players from teams ranked in the top 5 at White Emperor Palace (local server) qualify for White Emperor Palace competitions (cross server).
    Starting with the White Emperor Palace event, players have a chance to earn EXP, Gold, Upgrade Materials, Dragon Blood Materials, and other high-quality rewards. In addition, you can redeem avatars, frames, bonus titles, accessories, and other valuable rewards.
  4. New anecdote – Mirror Like.
    All Lv. 25 and over can try your luck in Chizuru, maybe you will trigger it somehow. Good luck!
  5. New Gold Anecdote – Buzzer-Beater Dunk.
  6. The dream dunk under the flashing lights brings hope to everyone! Will this summer’s legend continue this time?
  7. Simplification of the garbage collection process.
  8. A new “Recover Memory” page has been added and you can now recover all lost memories with just one click.
  9. Increase in the limit of the level of displacement of heirs.
  10. Players who have reached the Desert Conqueror rank can now upgrade to Ocean Voyager and get massive rewards.
  11. Fixed some bugs and optimized some translation expressions.
  12. Content of new events:
  13. New function: Custom emoji.
  14. After this update, please upload custom Emoji through the “Chat-Emoji” page. Once approved, you are free to use it in any chat channel.
  15. Resetting the Gacha machine.
  16. New engine – Bear Detective added. From September 23 to October 20, all players can claim generous rewards when your total Gacha times reach a certain amount.
  17. Level packs are reset.
  18. After the September 23 update, level packs will reset. Your attention please.

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