Dragon Storm Fantasy Gift Codes 2022 August

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Find in our articles all the Dragon Storm Fantasy 2022 gift codes that work today. Redeem them to get rewards like coins, gems, rubies, crystals, potions and many more. They will allow you to improve your hero.

Dragon Storm Fantasy is a game developed by GOAT Games for Android and IOS with more than a million downloads in which you will play the role of a dragon in search of victories and spectacular battles in an unforgettable scenario. Your ultimate goal will be to obtain the title of Dragon King of Storms. You will fight alongside other creatures such as angels in the land of Arcus, hordes of monsters alone or in multiplayer.
Due to its impressive size, the multiplayer mode is capable of hosting more than 10,000 days at the same time. Using your skills such as the power of frost, fire, light or even life and darkness, you will destroy everything that opposes you. The creators of the game have implemented Dragon Storm Fantasy Codes 2022 to help you progress faster by giving you loot like gems, coins, EXP potions and many other items. As a general rule, the publisher creates two per month through its official Facebook account or depending on the events, these are available without conditions.

List of Dragon Storm Fantasy Gift Codes 2022

Redeem our Dragon Storm Fantasy Codes 2022 to get rewards to level up your dragon and become the king of the game. We have a list of 500+ games with gift codes

Dragon Storm Fantasy Gift CodesReward
4jtfm9Gems and Crystals (Valid until 1st August)
4jtfeiGems and Crystals (Valid until 1st July)
4jtf2sRedeem code for Gems and Crystals (Valid until 20th June)
4jtemtRedeem code for Gems and Crystals (Valid until 1st June)
4jtedtRedeem code for Gems and Crystals (Valid until 1st May)
4jt2phgRedeem code for Gems and Crystals (Valid until 1st April)
4jt2fvRedeem code for Gems and Crystals (Valid until 20th March)
4jj22dRedeem code for Gems and Crystals (Valid until 4th March)
4dhfmhrRedeem code for Gems and Crystals (Valid until 21st February)
4dhfkeRedeem code for Gems and Crystals (Valid until 4th February)
4dhfdzwHoliday gift code valid until 31st December
Complete formRewards: 2.0X EXP Potion*2, Plain Whetstone *50, Coins*500,000 (valid until 14th November)
4didptgget free reward (Added on 27th october)
fy6ffj4Validity: 09/03/2021
fy6fdimValidity: 08/20/2021
fy6e6xaget free rewards (Added on August 13th, 2021) (New)
f8j4p7kget free rewards (Added on August 6th, 2021)
f8j4kbjget free rewards (Added on July 16th, 2021)
f8j4457get free rewards (Added on July 9th, 2021)
f8j4fwhget free rewards (Added on July 2nd, 2021)
f8j4egaget free rewards (Added on June 25th, 2021)
f8j4d6qget free rewards (Added on June 18th, 2021)
f8j42kzget free rewards (Added on May 31st, 2021)
f8jf62get free rewards (Added on May 17th, 2021)
f8jfpxcget free rewards (Added on March 30th, 2021)
er3dmcw8get free rewards (Added on March 8th, 2021)
ef2kk6xjget free rewards (Added on February 14th, 2021)
dw6f4pLv.4 ATK Gem1, Lv.4 DEF Gem1, x100 Crystal Shards, x300 Rubies and x3 Blessing Gem
dsf777get free rewards
bcgedfget free rewards
bcge2f1M coins, 5 potions 150% and 20 raid tickets

How to Redeem Dragon Storm Fantasy Code to get free rewards?

Dragon Storm Fantasy gift codes

To take advantage of the Dragon Storm Fantasy Codes 2022 you will have to redeem them in one of the game’s menus. To do this, you will first have to click on the “Welfare” cogwheel located at the top right of the screen.
In the new window that will open, (the “settings” menu), locate the “Redeem Code” menu and press the “Go” button. In this new window you should be able to enter one of the Dragon Storm Fantasy Codes above. You will immediately get the loot

Also, if you you don’t find how to redeem code, you can look at this video :

Game info

  • Title : Dragon Storm Fantasy
  • Genre : Role Playing
  • Publisher : GOAT Games
  • Download it on Android or IOS :
[Dragon City of Storm V3.0 unlocked] A brand new version is coming
The “Storm City Dragon” feature is live! Players from different servers can compete against each other in Dragon City of the Storm. You have great combat experience and earn great rewards. Fight to the top and win the illustrious title of Dragon King of Storms! Other Supreme SS Wings, Shocking Angels are waiting for you!
World boss rewards have been improved. New SS Mount – The Saber-Tooth Ice Beast Approaches
Become the dragon and experience world-class inter-server battles with an unforgettable storyline. Fight alone or lead your allies across huge battlefields. Explore the beauty and darkness of Arc and earn wealth to increase your strength!

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