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Dynasty Heroes Patch Notes September 2021

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Find here the last official Dynasty Heroes Patch Notes, dated on 7th September 2021
This Patch Notes is from their official Facebook

UPDATE : 7th September 2021

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Last Dynasty Heroes Patch Notes (7th September 2021)

Brand New Version, what content are you most looking forward to?
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The image is from the test server and only for preview.

Update Details:

Time: 9:30 am-11:30am (UTC + 8), September 9
Server: All servers
Tips: There will be a mystery auction at 7:15 p.m. every night. Don’t miss it ~ (Available on servers after day 7)


Unlock: reach lv. 100 and deployed warriors reach 6 in total
The culture of Assistant Warriors is the same as that of other Warriors. Once you’ve deployed it, you can upgrade CP and enable links
Warriors already deployed in the original alignment cannot be deployed in Assistant Warriors
When Warriors deployed in the original roster die, the Assistant Warrior will be deployed and will have priority to release 1 skill in the same way as normal Warrior Release skills.
Special conditions that affect when Assistant Warriors are deployed:
Hua Tuo’s resurrection priority is higher than that of Assistant Warriors to enter battle;
The pursuit of the death of the dead warriors must be released before the deputy warriors enter the battle;
After Zhang Fei’s death, a strong will causes him to enter the state of Unyielding. Assistant Warriors can only enter battle after this state has gone.
Once the battle is over, the surviving Assistant Warriors will also be included in the calculation.

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To open:
Lv.70 to unlock the Destiny Periapt system
Divine or higher heroes can equip Periapts and Destiny.
Equip the corresponding Periapts to activate Destiny stats. The higher the quality of the equipped Periapts, the stronger the Traits of Fate.
There are 4 levels of Periapts: Brook, Ocean, Sunglow and Supremacy. Periapts Supremacy can be used as Periapts of any type.
Periapt suit:
You can merge 3 Periapts of the same level into one of a higher level.
Merging Supremacy Periapts always gives you Supremacy Periapts.
Ultimate level Periapts will still be ultimate after merging.
After server day 14, Three Kingdoms begins offering Destiny Periapt


Time of event:
Servers reach 14 days to unlock Final Stand
Opens at 9:00 p.m. (UTC + 8) every Sunday evening, lasts 15 minutes each time. (When end position is activated, the Three Kingdoms event will not open);

Event rules:
All players in a legion can enter the event on the main page when it is activated.
Dungeon progression for each Legion is independent of each other, although players from different Legions may encounter the same bosses or dungeon events.
Attack dungeon bosses and earn points based on damage. All legions are ranked according to their points.
Players may encounter random events in the dungeon, and the outcome of the event will influence the boss’s rewards. Therefore, the members of the legion must help each other and overcome events.
Once the event is over, item rewards will be awarded based on the Legion’s point ranking and number of participants. The Legion auction will be open; all participants can receive auction dividends. The higher the ranking, the more participants, the better the rewards.
Final Stand offers destiny and peripat

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NEW JIN WARRIORS: Sima Yan, Jia Nanfeng, Pan An, Liu Ling
New weapon of incarnation: Chi Xiao
New Ultimate Warrior Avatar Cards: Cao Cao, Zhao Yun, Sun Ce, Lu Bu
Add a new Midas Touch feature: use 3 Ultimate Avatar cards to make 1 Midas Touch and 100% randomly get 1 Ultimate Avatar card from the current card pool; the newly acquired card will not be the same as the 3 cards used
New Divine Pet: Exian
New ploy: against expectations, off guard, exploit the enemy
New Badge: Jade – Badge of Justice
Add a pet break
Augmented Ultimate Avatar Card in Mythborn 4
New Ultimate Warrior of Royalty Scroll List; offers a divine armor stat
New list of Ultimate Wounded Warrior Scrolls; activate it for divine + warriors to get bonus damage


In the story instance, the warrior instance, Path of Glory, Path of Glory Elite, when VIP reaches level 7 or the protagonist reaches level 30, battles can be skipped after the end of the first turn; when the character reaches level 60, the battle can be directly skipped
The Path of Glory Elite blitz has become a one-click blitz; Clear all challenge attempts at once
Applicable to iPhone 12
Add 1 attempt to purchase Inkstone at Lv. 108 and Lv. 120 respectively
Remove ingot refill, add the function that exchanges emeralds for ingots; the exchange ratio is 1: 1
Optimize website reloads
Troubleshoot known display issues
Optimize game performance

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