Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will be released Winter 2023

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The 25th anniversary of the famous Final Fantasy 7 game, especially with the Crisis Core remake, still has many surprises in store for all its fans! So the big announcement, even the biggest, is the release of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth for the end of 2023. This will be the second part of the FF7 remake.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Trailer

We will find in a short trailer Cloud walking next to Sephiroth in full grassy areas. This one says that Sephirot must recover his birthright in order to reign with Genova. Finally, Cloud seems to have a conversation with Tifa with the implication that she is an impostor and will die soon. This trailer ends with “What is fact and what is fiction?”, thus recalling the first part of the remake of the series.

This video also shows us Zack and Cloud advancing to the Midgar Gate. The evocation of a memory by a series of questions from Cloud “Where were you five years ago?” leaves Zack in regret, “Sorry. I feel like I let you down”

All Final Fantasy fans will be in heaven in the coming months, because in addition to the release of Rebirth scheduled for Winter 2023, there is also the highly anticipated Final Fantasy 16. Another news on this 25th anniversary of FF7, Crisis Core will do the processing for Final Fantasy Reunion. For now, there is no official date yet, but it could be this year.

Crisis Core : Final Fantasy 7 Reunion

This remake of the PSP classic which told the story of crucial FF7 character Zack Fair was announced last night. During the video, we realize that the gameplay has been updated, as well as the graphics which have been greatly improved thanks to a more recent technology. As for the cutscenes, they apparently use the same animations and scenarios as the original. However, we will notice a notable difference, the design of Zack’s sword: the Buster sword

This change is made to match the appearance of Final Fantasy Remake. However and to reassure the fans, it seems that this is the only change that is made. For those who don’t know, the Buster Sword has had several designs over time. We go from a simple and classic design to something more elaborate, the second design, the Advent Children. Its golden handle seems to divide into two shades and no longer a single color. As game journalist Alex Donaldson points out, it’s more likely that Nomura would simply prefer Buster’s new design.

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