Find out in our Fishing Clash Guide, how to catch the biggest fish like Legendary Fish, Megalone

The goal of all Fishing Clash players is to catch the biggest fish. As in real life if you are a sinner. In addition to the joy provided, you should know that to win a championship in Fishing Clash you have to succeed in fishing a Legendary fish. The points won are important. So, we offer you the possibility to do it, provided you do it well. All the procedure to get there is written below. Whether to catch the Legendary Fish, Bosses or the Megalodon.

How to catch Legendary Fish in Fishing Clash?

Let’s start with how to catch a legendary fish. Either way, what you need is the right bait. For that there are 4 methods to get there.

  • Buy bait in the store.
  • A method requiring a little luck is to take the level 11 clan booster. While fishing, you will have a small chance to catch one. They appear at random.
  • You can also recover it thanks to the periodic events that the developers announce. In order not to miss their release date, I invite you to consult the official facebook page. All the information is given on it. The rewards often live up to expectations. Usually out of the 5 locations, there are 4 that Pop a Legendary Fish
  • Clan wars! Here too, by carrying out tasks you will have a chance to have a bait.
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What you should know is that in addition to the pop rate which is low, the catch rate is low. To maximize your chance of catching a legendary fish is to have a special fishing rod. This detail is important!

Fishing Clash Guide : how to catch a megalodone ?

To fish and capture a Megalodon in Fishing Clash, you need to do the following:

  • Acquire the special fishing rod: Megalodon Hunter and improve it to at least 7. This is the minimum to have a change of fishing it.
  • Have a “Powerfull Megalodon” fishing license with at least 4.5%
  • You are going to need lots and lots of amplifiers! So if you already have some, save them! You can buy them at the shop, or win them during the events. And for bait, you will need level 2 to attract it.
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Fishing Clash Guide : What about cathing Fish Boss ?

The other most important category to fish in Fishing Clash are bosses! You should know that there are everywhere, in all locations. There are 5 per place.

They must be taken at special times, especially during the Clan Wars or event. This is because they will bring in a lot more points. Other than that, they are quite ordinary fish species. To maximize the points they give, you have to catch it only from the shore. No there is no right or wrong way to catch them. However, sometimes you will need to renounce to catch one. This is the case in events, where other common fish will bring more points.

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And never spend your pearls on them.

To be continued

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