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Raziel : How to Unlock All 5 Launch Characters  


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How to Unlock All 5 Launch Characters ?

For the first 3 :

1 - Start the game and choose one of the three characters offered
2- You must quickly reach level 40 to be able to unlock another. A window will appear and you will get a Hero Choice Pack. Then go to your inventory under the "fine" section. Click on your to get two other starting characters.
3 - Continue to progress in the game until level 56 and redo the manipulation. You will then have in your possession the 3 starting heroes.

How to unlock the Paladin or Isadora ?

Now the most difficult part to acquire the other characters "the bison, the paladin and Isadora the necromancer (puppet master).
There are two solutions for this

1: You must be in a guild to access their reward. The more you log into the game, the more honor you get.
Use honor points to reach Bronze Knight 2. However, this can currently take a long time.

2: The creators of the game have put together a pack (to buy for $ 20) which will then give you all the characters and many advantages. Personally, I advise you for a better experience of the game.

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