Hero Summoner Promo Codes 2022 January

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Find our list of new Hero Summoner Codes 2022 that work today. It is updated as soon as a new one is released.

As with all games on this site, whether for mobile, pc, console (ps4 and xbox), Hero Summoner redeem code are intended to improve, help and reward players. Whether they are a beginner or a pro, everyone is entitled to the same rewards. I specify that I do not create any code, script or cheat. It is the publishers and creators of the game who decide. Below the list of codes you will find where and when to get the new ones. You could get free gifts such as coins and diamonds.

Hero Summoner Codes 2022 List

Out of Date

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If one of them fails, it has probably expired, or has already been used. In games, and here, the creator has set an expiration date. More rarely, it puts a limit of use. In the event that you have not used it and it does not work, I invite you to leave me a little comment at the bottom of the page.

Update 27th October

Our game will be a maintenance from 1:00 am to 3:00 am (UTC-5) on October 28th. The compensation will be issued after the update.
[New features]-New hero and Halloween events are coming!
Event opening time: October 28 at 3:00 p.m. to November 3 at 11:59 p.m. (UTC-5)
A. Halloween Slot Machine: Use Halloween candy to attract new heroes from this event: Fire Warrior Surtr, Awakening Material, and other rare items
B. Pumpkin Party: Complete the tasks for each pumpkin and you will get Halloween candy (between you and me you can get a new hero and Halloween theme by completing all the pumpkin lantern tasks!)
C. Halloween Login Event: Log in during the event, you can get Halloween candy, awakening materials, 5-star item hero shards, and other value-added gifts.
D. Halloween Pass: Get additional Halloween candies and diamonds.
E. Halloween Gift Pack: Get Halloween Candy, New Hero Shards, Avatars, and Halloween Avatar Frames!
[Optimized content]

  1. Tavern missions are added to advanced rare items.
  2. Added 9-star hero mosaic in the link system.
  3. Fixed some bugs.

Where to find the new Hero Summoner codes ?

Many players of Hero Summoner want this information. Imagine enjoying new objects or characters before others? There is nothing secret, you just have to follow the Loongcheer Gamebroadcast channels to know them as soon as they are released. Often times the faster search is more reliable than spending time searching on youtube or browsing google results. Beware of those who promise to have unlimited Golden Coin or hacks. That is why, for this game, we have listed some safe sources for you. These are also the ones we use to update ourselves. They are :

How to Redeem Hero Summoner Code to get free rewards?

To use the Hero Summoner Codes you have to follow a few steps and proceed as follows. First you have to finish the game tutorial and click on your game profile. Then you have to click on “REDEEM” button A new window should open in the middle of the screen. Next, you will have to write one of the codes. Finally you will then receive the reward. Also, you can only redeem a code once. If it does not work, it is because it has expired

Game description and update

Version 2.9.0 Patch Notes:
Dear summoners,
There will be a maintenance for content updates from 01:00 to 03:00 (UTC-5) on August 18th, 2021. Followings are the patch note of the update, the compensation will be sent to you via email after we finish.
[New system]Hero bond: Collect specific heroes to activate hero bond, which could greatly improve the stats of the corresponding heroes. Friends and guild mates are able to help trigger the bond as well, come check out more details in your guild after the update!
[Balance]We realized Ymir & Idun are overpowered under any circumstance, which violated our intention of designing these heroes. Therefore, we adjusted their skills to make them suit with their class better. Meanwhile we will keep optimizing other heroes for a more balanced version. The detail of it is in our recent post.
[Oracle Token]Updated the rewards in Oracle Token. A compensation for the reward change will be sent via mailbox after the update.
*For the players who owned the unexpired Oracle token, the difference in rewards will be sent to you as well.
[Other optimization]Secret shop: Removed all random hero shards.
Honor shop: Removed all random hero shards & books.
Luck shop: Added artifact shards.
Guild shop: Some of the elite heroes are available now in guild shop.
Soul shop: Instead of specific heroes, it sells books and random hero shards now.
Expedition shop: Replaced the stuff now with Torvald, Rika, Frey, Meidusa, Light & dark shards.
Dragon vein shop: Balder, Odin, Freya are set to be fixed in the shop, other Elites shows up with a certain probability. Daily refresh is applied, 5 diamond refreshes are available each day.

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