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Hero Wars Tier List Best Character 2022 October

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You can quickly get to the top of the scoreboard by choosing the most powerful characters from the Hero Wars Tier List, which is provided for your convenience. If you play Hero Wars, knowing which heroes are the strongest can give you an advantage over other players and help you level up faster.

A game’s world usually has more than one main character that you can play as. Each one is different in its own way, with its own set of statistics, abilities, rarity, power, and other traits. Also, some heroes will be almost impossible to beat in any way you can think of. Some heroes won’t be worth your time and money because they won’t be as good as they could be. This Hero Wars Tier List was made to make it easy for you to see which heroes are the best and which are the worst.

When choosing which heroes to use, it’s important to think about your current game level, the goal you’ve set for the end of the game, and the heroes you already own. If you’re like the vast majority of other players, you can safely ignore these details and focus on using Heroes from Tiers S and A instead. You can’t go in the wrong direction if you choose them because they are the best option. At no point in the game should you use a hero with a tier rating of C or lower.

Hero Wars Tier List 2022 Ranked

Hero Wars Tier List Best Character

In Hero Wars, the characters will be graded from best to worst across four tiers, designated as S, A, B, and C respectively. In order to further assist you in visualizing the structure, the following is a brief explanation of each level:

Tier S – If you look here, you’ll probably find the game’s most potent characters.
Tier A – The wonderful characters are going to be shown here.
Tier B – It’s a good place to meet folks who are somewhere in the center.
Tier C – To find the average or below average characters, look here.

Hero Wars Tier List 2022 – Best Tank

For the top Tank Heroes in Hero Wars, go no further than this part of the Tier List.

Aurora Tier 1 
Astaroth Tier 1
Cleaver Tier 2 
Galahad Tier
Andvari Tier 2
Ziri Tier 2 
Rufus Tier 3 
Corvus Tier 3 
Luther Tier 4 
Chabba Tier 5 

Hero Wars Tier List 2022 – Best Healer

Here, in this Hero Wars Tier List, are all of the top Healer Heroes currently available.

Martha Tier 1 
Dorian Tier 2 
Markus Tier 3 
Thea Tier 3 

Hero Wars Tier List 2022 – Best Support

The top-tier Support Heroes in Hero Wars may be found here on this tier list.

Celeste Tier 1
Nebula Tier 1
Jorgen Tier 1
Faceless Tier 1 
Helios Tier 1
Sebastian + Jet Tier 2
Alvanor Tier 2 
Judge Tier 3 
Tristan Tier 3 
Morrigan Tier 4 
Isaac Tier 4 
Mojo Tier 4

Hero Wars Tier List – Best Mage

The top Wizard Heroes in Hero Wars may be found here on this tier list.

Lars Tier 1
Krista Tier 1
Lilith Tier 2
Satori Tier 2
Orion Tier 2 
Peppy Tier 2 
Arachne Tier 3 
Kai Tier 3 

Hero Wars Tier List – Best Physical

This Hero Wars Tier List’s Physical Tier features the game’s top Physical Heroes.

K’arkh Tier 1 
Cornelius Tier 1
Dark Star Tier 2
Elmir Tier 2 
Daredevil Tier 2 
Ginger Tier 2
Dante Tier 3 
Fox Tier 3 
Ishmael Tier 3 
Jhu Tier 4 
Artemis Tier 4 
Astrid & Lucas Tier 5

Hero Wars Tier List – Best Damage

The top-tier Damage Heroes of Hero Wars may be found in this part of the Tier List.

Keira Tier 1 
Yasmine Tier 2 
Qing Mao Tier 3
Maya Tier 1
Lian Tier 2
Phobos Tier 2
Heidi Tier 3
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