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Idle Angels Patch Notes 2nd March 2022

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Conqueror of Legends Optimization Instruction
Dear players:
Based on your feedback and suggestions from the first season, we will optimize the following content for Conqueror of Legends:

Added multiple line-ups strategy

  • Players who reach Challenger are allowed to arrange 5 lineups. The same angel can be in different queues.
  • The line-up must be activated manually. The original line-up is by default line-up 1 (default activation). One of the activated alignments will be randomly selected as the defensive alignment, but the non-activated alignment will not be involved in the battle.
  • Players can select any enabled line-up as attack line-up before auto match.

Optimization of the matching mechanism

  • Players who have reached the top 100 Challenger can only match rivals whose rating is the current rating ±5. If the player is in the top 5, the rank range will automatically be extended downward based on the rank.
  • Abolish the manual refresh mechanism upon reaching Challenger.

Shorten the playing period and match time

The battle period of the second season will be shortened to 10 days, and the match time will also be greatly shortened. Point rewards will be improved with a certain proportion in low ranking battles, which can ensure everyone can achieve the desired ranking.

Improved Conqueror of Legends daily quest rewards to accommodate shortening the battle period.

Added [T3 Magic Stone Optional Chest] in the store for Conqueror of Legends. 15000 Challenger coins can redeem it

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