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Mirage Perfect Skyline Gift Codes 2023 January

Collecting resources to improve your main character is an important task. For this you can also use Mirage Perfect Skyline Gift Codes 2023. They can be exchanged for the best loot and there are very often new ones, especially with EYOUGAME(USS) as creator.

Mirage Perfect Skyline is a mobile role-playing game of the MMORPG genre based on gods and demons. The player will have to compose a team of heroes with 8 different classes. For each of these there are unique talents and skills. The Mirage Perfect Skyline codes are bonuses intended to thank the player or to compensate for the server maintenance, by giving them Gold, Keys, Gems and Jades.

List of Mirage Perfect Skyline Gift Codes 2023 January

Below we have created two lists for Mirage Perfect Skyline codes. One containing the new ones that work and all the ones that are now expired. They will give you Gold, Dragon Key, Sycess, Enhance Gem and Jades. You can also check our list of mobile games with codes.

New Mirage Perfect Skyline Gift Codes 2023Reward
RabbitYearB. Jade, money, jewels, sycess, orbs, and keys (Added on 27th January)
RubberDuckyFor this Friday January 13th, here is a special code that will give you B. Jade, money, jewels, sycess, orbs, and keys until 15th
Bean0106For the first weekend in early 2023, redeem this coupon for B. Jade, money, jewels, sycess, orbs, and keys until 9th January
SantainhouseThis code of Thursday, December 23 to celebrate the pre Christmas
MIRAGEFBB. Jade, money, jewels, sycess, orbs, and keys
MIRAGE10000B. Jade x500, Dragon Key x5, Sycees x200, Gold x100k
MIRAGE30000Pet Egg x1, Dragon Key x6, Sycees x500, Gold x150k
MIRAGE50000KF94 3ply Facemask x1, Dragon Key x8, Sycees x1000, Gold x200k
MIRAGE80000School Bike x1, Dragon Key x8, Sycees x1500, Gold x300k
MIRAGE100000Nurturing Talent Outfit & Weapons, Dragon Key x9, Sycees x2000, Gold x500k
MIRAGE30001 Million Gold, Sycess x2000, Pri. Enhance Gem x10, Mount Advance Orb x10
MIRAGE2021Black Kylin Spirit x2, Mount Advance Orb x15
MIRAGE1314Pri. God Psyche x20, Brutal Might x3, Vitality’s Might x3, Sycess x500
MIRAGE666B. Jade x100, Pri. Wings Essence x10
MIRAGE456500k Gold, Sycees x1000, Dragon Key x10
MIRAGEPS22Sycess x1000, Pri. Pet Biscuit x20
JOINMPSPri. Wings Essence x20, B. Jade x200, Sycess x300
In total there are no less than 13 codes to get a nice loot.

Expired codes for Mirage Perfect Skyline

  • Khabylam
  • Spooktober
  • Wackamole

Mirage Perfect Skyline Event November

The creator regularly adds events that offer new rewards to all those who succeed. We have listed them for you

Limited Acc. Top-up Event 21st November

The Limited Acc. Top-up event will take place on November 21. To achieve this, you will have to accumulate a maximum of jades on each of your characters. Each reward can be obtained only once.

  • 1. Each character’s acc. top-up amount is independent
  • 2. Rewards will be issued in 7 workdays via in-game mail
  • 3. Each character can received all the rewards when reached the amount. Eg, player A topped up 6480 Jades during the event, player A can received all the rewards included 680, 3280 and 6480.
  • 4. Mirage: Perfect Skyline reserves the right of final interpretation to the event

Reward :

  • 680 Jades : Treasure Opt.box*4, Perception Orb*10, Vitality’s Might*3, Brutal Might*3, Sycee*1000
  • 3280 Jades : Index- Abe no Seimei*1, Treasure Opt.box*25, Deific – Unbeatable Heart*10, Jade Plume*3, Emerald Plume*3, Sycee*2000
  • 6480 Jades : God OGP*1, Lucky Amulet*7, Treasure Opt.box*25, Sword Anima of Dragon Slayer*4, Sword Anima of Seven Stars*4, Sycee*3000
  • 15000 Jades : Opt. Red Orca Gear (5 choose 1)*1, Deluxe Deific Gear OGP*1, Lucky Amulet*10, Treasure Opt.box*30, Diviryte*8, Rarefied Jade*50, Sycee*4000
  • 30000 Jades : Playful Fox*1, Avatar- Lonely*1, Rainbow Gem*1, Deluxe Deific Gear OGP*1, Treasure Opt.box*30, Lucky Amulet*10, Diviryte*15, Sycee*5000

How do I redeem a Mirage Perfect Skyline Gift Code ?

How do I redeem a Mirage Perfect Skyline Code ?

To redeem a code in Mirage Perfect Skyline you must launch the game and complete the tutorial. Then you must click on Settings at the top right. Then click on the “Redeem” button and enter one of the codes in the “Tap hereo to enter Redeem Code” text field. Finally, tap “Claim Reward” to get your loot.

Where to get new codes for Mirage Perfect Skyline?

Mirage Perfect Skyline and EYOUGAME(USS) are present on some social networks, and it is on them that they release their codes for the game. We check them every day and you can find different tips and guides. Here are the links to their networks:

The publisher is also behind many other popular games. Here is a non-exhaustive list :

  • Lost Sanctuary Eternal Origin
  • Gaia Odyssey
  • Tamashi Rise of Yokai
  • Starlight Isle-Adventure Tales
  • Luna’s Fate
  • Cazador de Gemas
  • Savior Fantasy (stop)
  • Astral Guardians
  • Light Chaser
  • Soul Destiny
  • Astral Fable
  • Lost Lineage
  • Lunathorn
  • Chaos Crisis
  • Luminous Sword
  • Musou Glory
  • Forlands
  • Idle Legends
  • Tale of Chaser
  • Elf Tales
  • Scroll of Onmyoji
  • Lost in Paradise:Waifu Connect
  • Yokay Tamer

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