Mobile Legends Adventure Event : Earn free Diamonds

How do I earn free diamonds in Mobile Legends Adventure? The editor Moonton regularly creates events and contests for players of all levels. These allow you to easily win new items, resources and accessories. The Mobile Legends Adventure Event gives away diamonds and coins for free. You will find here the complete list of events and challenges, whether they are on the game or via their social networks like facebook.

The Mobiles Legends Adventure Event will allow you to discover the new features of the game in preview, or to earn precious resources thanks to a reward system like diamonds. Also, I inform you that I do not create an event, it is the developers and editors. I only relay the information they release via their social network such as Facebook.

Active Mobile Legends Adventure Event List

Find here all the events and information of the game Mobile Legends Adventure. These are often linked to major updates to the game or linked to important dates.

ML Adventure : March Events Calendar

Greetings, Adventurers! Here is the calendar of events for March. Various events await you! Stay tuned!

3/4 – 3/17: Chrono Arena
Chrono Arena will be open soon! Go fight your enemies to win luxurious rewards!
Complete the campaign 10-5 to unlock it

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3/4 – 3/11: Double Dungeon Loot
Double Dungeon Drops will be available for a limited time. Sign up to double your rewards!
Clear campaign 2-5 to unlock

3/11 – 4/14: Tinted Mirage
Tinted Mirage is back! New heroes are ready to meet you all!
Clear campaign 25-40 to unlock

3/11 – 3/24: Kingdom of Legends
A new story unfolds in the realm of legends. Guess which hero is the protagonist?
Clear campaign 12-10 to unlock

3/11: Improved Hero Selection Chest
Mecha Layla and Esmeralda will soon be added to Hero Select Chests. Check out the packs in the store!
Reach the Adventurer level. 90 to unlock

3/18 – 3/31: Demonic Raid
The Demonic Raid is coming soon! Come on, Adventurers! Defeat the Shadow Demon to get amazing rewards!
Complete the campaign 10-5 to unlock it

3/18 – 3/31: Skin Shop
Four Land of Dawn heroes will receive new outfits. Try them out and fight together!
Clear campaign 18-25 to unlock

3/21 – 3/27:New Events
Brand new events are coming. Join events and log in for rewards! Don’t miss!
Clear 4-20 campaign to unlock

03/23:Legends Revived
A legend has returned. Let’s relive the adventure with Amaterasu!
Clear campaign 47-20 to unlock

ML Adventure Older Event

Till The Sunrise

Added on 10 August
Reward : 500 Diamonds
How to Participate : Facebook

Dear Adventurers, do you have any roasts for the Tinted Mirage “Till The Sunrise”? In this dark and misty battlefield of Cadia Riverlands, you’re sure to have gained much in the form of winnings and insights! Please share your funny stories and feedback from this journey with us. This is an excellent opportunity to present our producer with your suggestions for Tinted Mirage, and we’ll be passing on all your brilliant ideas to them. You might even see some of your bright ideas appearing in future versions! We’ll select 60 players at random to receive 500 Diamonds, so remember to provide your ID and server when giving your suggestions!

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Creative Arena

Added on 5 August
How to participate : Instagram

Adventurers, a new session of Creative Arena art contest is here again! As you play along the ongoing Tinted Mirage: Till the Sunrise chapters, we believe that you’ve become quite intrigued by the ninja from the Cadia Riverlands—Hayabusa’s story, which is about love and hatred. The Creative Arena theme this time shall be “Age of Ninjas”!Let your imagination run wild, depict what you think is the most “Cadia Riverlands” style and illustrate your own age of ninjas!How to participate: Please visit our Instagram for a more detailed instruction!

Pioneer Vaults in Primal Zone

Added on 3 August
Reward : 125 to 1500 Diamonds or 250 to 3000 Essences of Samsara

Have you claimed the Pioneer Vaults in Primal Zone? Did you notice the tiny chests on the list? They are used for the unique feature of the Primal Zone, the Pioneer Vaults.The first 5 pioneer Adventurers to complete the challenge can give rewards to all Adventures. The rewards will range from 125 to 1500 Diamonds or 250 to 3000 Essences of Samsara. It is going to be a good chance for everyone to try their luck!

Are you enjoy to find all the Mobile Legends Adventure Event ?

Game info

  • Title : Mobile Legends Adventure
  • Genre : Role Playing
  • Publisher : Moonton
  • Download it on Android or IOS :

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