Mobile Legends Adventure tier list

What are the best heroes in Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List, which class to choose to start? or how to reroll in ML: Adventure? You will find all your answers here.

Which heroes to choose in Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List ?

Before starting your raise, take the time to make sure that you have already obtained one of the best heroes in Mobile Legends Adventure such as Clint, Alice or Gatotkaca. If you haven’t already, try collecting diamonds quickly and doing a dozen draws in the Wishing Shrine. With a little luck (5% chance for a 5-Star hero) you will get a very good character

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List and Best Heroes

Best Tank

Lolita – Best Tank

  • Ultimate: She gains a powerful shield of 240% of her attack and stuns her enemies for 2sec. and up to 540% at level 3
  • Skill: A powerful damage reduction when the shield is active up to 65%
  • Skill2: 565% damage on one target
  • Passive, 215% protection and 20% damage reduction

Gatotkaca – Tank

  • Ultimate : Deals damage up to 405%
  • Skill : It uses a powerful AoE which reduces the speed of enemies and inflicts damage
  • Skill : Charges and stuns dealing up to 220% of its attack
  • Passive : He gets a shield that increases his HP


  • Ultimate : A very powerful buff that reduces the agility of enemies and increases the attack of allies
  • Passive : Regenerates in the area up to 24% of the HP of its damage
  • Skill : A burst of 300%
  • Passive : An AoE that is stacked

Grock – Tank

  • Resembling Groot, Grock is a very sturdy and very strong tanl, avoid facing him in melee
  • Ultimate : It inflicts 500% damage in a small area
  • Skill : 215% attack in Aoe
  • Skill : Reduces agility by 100 and hits at 200%
  • Passive : Regenerates by tapping 45% every 3sec

Best Healer in MLA Tier List

Estes Healer

Estes is one of the best Healer in Mobile Legends Adventure tier list

  • Ultimate: heals all allies in the area for 25% of their remaining health
  • Skill: restore 25% of life to an ally
  • Skill: Deals 91% area damage
  • Passive: Obtain a shield of protection
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Angela Healer and Support

Angela has the particularity of being a support and a healer, efficient to progress quickly.

  • Ultimate: A buff that increases his attacks by 15%
  • Skill: heals up to 240% of his attacks
  • Skill: Shoots a puppet at an enemy 3 times and dealing up to 110% of her attack
  • Passive: Charm during 6s

Rafaela – Support and Heal

Rafaela is often a hero that you already have in your possession

  • Ultimate: Restore HP 640% of her attacks
  • Skill: An AoE with 135% area damage
  • Skill: heals two allies by 175%
  • Passive: The character receiving healing has their attack increased by 10% for 7 seconds

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List : Best Marksman


Clint probably has one of the biggest Bursts in the game

  • Ultimate: It sends grenades for 330% damage
  • Skill: his concentration allows him to double his damage on the next attack
  • Skill: Increases Crit Chance by 25%
  • Passive: Increase Basic Attacks by 25%


Armed with her rifle, she easily eliminates opponents with low HP

  • Ultimate: Lethal Shoot 650% and 40% critical Hit
  • Passive: lock enemy under 50% HP
  • Skill: lauch tactivcal grenage 375% attack
  • Passive: the less life it has, the more its damage increases


  • Ultimate: Dual Wield mode for 8s and increase attack to 190%
  • Passive: increases speed by 20
  • Skill: Deals heavy damage and reduces defense by 25% for 4s


He uses Debuff

Ultimate: Aoe 88% of his attack
Skill: Reduces opponent’s energy by 15 points
Skill: stuns the target for 2s


Layla is an AoE specialist

  • Ultimate: Cannonball forward for 300% of her attack
  • Skill: AoE of Damage is increased 210%
  • Skill: Aoe of Energy Ball (must use after 1st Skill)
  • Passive: Extra damage


Accompanied by her wolf, she is a Buff specialist

  • Ultimate: Decreases Defense by 8% and Increases Attacks
  • Skill: area damage for 235%
  • Skill: Reduces the effectiveness of armor by 30%
  • Passive: Obtain 300 energy points

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List : Best Fighter


Argus is indicated as Tank, but he can be a very good fighter, see the best hero

  • Ultimate: Activate his Demoniac Blade mode to heal himself and create an Aoe around him
  • Passive: increases life by 20%
  • Skill: charges up and dealing damage equal to 175%
  • Passive: It creates an invincibility shield for up to 7s
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He is a specialist in AoE and bursts

  • Ultimate: Firaga Armor of 50% of his max HP and self-explode 300%
  • Skill: combined with its ultimate, it causes significant area damage
  • Skill: repel enemies
  • Passive: regenerates when hitting


For a long time he was my favorite character in Mobile Legends Adventure

  • Ultimate: Hit 4 times enemies eand increases his agility
  • Skill: draws enemies towards him, preventing him from escaping, very practical against mages
  • Passive: A buff that improves their agility
  • Passive: Hit enemies 4 times in the area in front of him


He is a thief of life! very difficult to defeat!

  • Ultimate: stuns and steals life when hitting
  • Skill: high damage up to 210%
  • Skill: an AoE and restore life
  • Passive: heals up to 10% of damage


A perfect hero to control your opponents

  • Ultimate: increases defense up to 50%
  • Skill: inflicts 235% damage and pushes back enemies
  • Skill: hits with his shield and stuns
  • Passive: increases the energy of allies by 40 points every 3s

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List : Best Mage


  • Ultimate: Burn opponents for 175%
  • Skill: An Aoe that explodes for 325%
  • Skill: Torrent of flames forward
  • Passive: trigger a second Torrent of Flames


A magical AoE specialist

  • Ultimate: it projects stars that can hit several times
  • Skill: Energy Ball that deals up to 395% damage and slows down
  • Skill; Moonlight rain
  • Passive: For every Light ally, she fires a moonlight missile


  • Ultimate: Triggers a powerful Tsunami which then returns to her.
  • Skill: send a wave causing 335% damage
  • Skill: another ocean wave and reduces its own damage


  • Ultimate: Deals damage to primary target and also Aoe
  • Skill: she sends lightning for 175%
  • Skill: stun enemies for 2s


Ultimate: Channels and surronds herself, sending orb magic that hits 4 times.
Skill: send a magic orb, it splits in two
Skill: sends a wave of sound that inflicts 220% damage and silences enemies for 4s
Passive: when silenced they obey 20% of enemy power

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Here is a hard one to overcome! Wearing extensive ranged damage and life theft. You will have to come very close to beat her

  • Ultimate: elel creates a 5s saing circle that deals up to 95% damage per second and restores 400% HP depending on her attack
  • Skill: Scarlet Light; dealing damage equal to 100% of her attack and Heals Alice for 150% of damage
  • Skill: inflicts heavy damage and immobilizes for 3s
  • Passive: its power is increased according to its remaining HP

Mobile Legends Adventure Rerolling Guide ?

Why reroll in MLA and how to do it? It could be that since you started the game you have chosen a character that does not suit you, or through your playing experience you have seen better heroes and you would like to play with them? Here is a short guide that will help you achieve this and help you in your choice.

How to Reroll in ML : Adventure ?

To reroll and choose the best hero or the one that appeals to you the most, the strongest or the most powerful, here are some easy steps to achieve it :

  • Step 1: in the game, go to the main screen, and click on your portrait at the top left.
  • Step 2: go to the game options
  • Step 3: Click on the “server” button
  • Step 4: either you click directly on new to access the last created server, or, like to join friends, click on the “All” menu and search for the server.

All you have to do is have fun.

If your character is not listed above or if you want to know more, leave me a message below in the comments. You can also check their Facebook page. I will be happy to answer you and discuss the best heroes in MLA Tier List 2021.

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