NecroMerger Spells Book Guide

Find here all specifics of each of NecroMerger Spells Book here. The first spell book is here, followed by the second, third, and fourth books of spells. It is important to keep in mind that the power of every given magical spell has the potential to improve by one level if you are successful in raising it to level 5.

Grumpy Rhino Games has released a brand new simulation game called NecroMerger for mobile devices running Android and iOS. This one-of-a-kind combination of an idle clicker and a top-down shooter requires you to maintain a steady supply of fuel for the Devourer. Throw them in the blender to make them into giant brutes, and then feed them to your pet. We have also the full list of NecroMerger Cheat Codes.

NecroMerger Spells Book I : Full guide

Get more Food when feeding the Devourer.
+5% increase+10% increase+15% increase
 More Magic
Increase your Mana Cap.
+5% increase+10% increase+15% increase+20% increase+25% increase
 Lowly Champions
Make the Peasant and Knight spawn faster.
 +5% fasterRedeem this code for rewards such as 10% faster+15% faster+20% faster+25% faster
 Bigger Claws
Increase all Damage.
+5% increase +10% increase +15% increase
 Necro Master
Increase the NecroMerger’s resources.
 Fouler Chicken
Increase all Chickens laying speed.
Redeem this code for rewards such as 3 minutes 6 minutes9 minutes

NecroMerger Spells Book II

Get more Food when feeding the Devourer.
 +10% increase +20% increase+30% increase
 Oddles of Ooze
Increase your Slime Cap.
+5% increase +10% increase +15% increase +20% increase +25% increase
 Holy Champions
Make the Cleric and Paladin spawn faster.
 +5% faster+10% faster +15% faster +20% faster+25% faster
 Tougher Jaws
Increase all Damage.
 +10% increase+20% increase+30% increase
Shades give more Dark Energy.
 10% increase +20% increase +30% increase
Increase the Thief’s daily spawns.

NecroMerger Spells Book III

Get more Food when feeding the Devourer.
+15% increase+15% increase +45% increase
 Dank Darkness
Increase your Darkness Cap.
 +5% increase+10% increase+15% increase +20% increase +25% increase
 Greater Rivals
Make the Rival spawn faster.
+5% faster +10% faster +15% faster+20% faster+25% faster
 Big Beasts
Increase all Damage.
 +15% increase+15% increase +45% increase
Increase the Merchant’s daily spawns.
 +1 +1
 For the Cause
Increase Cultist Damage and Food.
+100% increase+100% increase

NecroMerger Spells Book IV

Big Cravings
Get more Food from Cravings.
 +20% increase +40% increase
 Gargantuan Guzzlers
Increase Guzzler’s Food Cap.
 +10% increase
 Powerful Protector
Make the Protector spawn faster.
+5% faster
Increase all Damage.
 +20% increase
 Bounty Hunting
Cadets give more Gold on defeat.
 Superior Grind
Increase Soul Grinders Speed.
+10% increase

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