One Punch Man Road To Hero Patch Note 2.6.4

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Find here the newest One Punch Man Road To Hero Patch Note 2.6.4 for 23rd August 2022

[Overview of the Newest Release, 2.6.4]

“Dear Heroes”
We will be shutting down and doing maintenance on our servers in stages for a total of 150 minutes beginning at 3:00 AM UTC on August 24th, 2022. There will be a time when access is denied. We regret any disruption this upgrade may have caused and will provide a maintenance compensation award as soon as it is finished. Please plan ahead to disconnect from the internet so that you may play your games without fear of losing everything.

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In this new version (2.6.4), we have included the following features:

1 – One, an Original Cast Member The World’s Oldest Online Deep-Sea King! The availability of his Limiter Breakthrough pieces is time-sensitive.

His active skill will inflict Chain Shackle on two targets while doing massive damage to the designated opponents. Targets with this condition take extra damage when any opponent takes damage while this state is active. With his impenetrable Ocean Armor and devastating Deep Sea Imprint, Deep Sea King is both a guardian and a destroyer in combat. After taking enough hits to reduce his HP below a particular threshold, Deep Sea King will get a Shield. The stronger the blows, the higher his defenses will go. An attack from below grinds down the opposition and ensures a successful outcome. In addition to lowering the target’s Attack with Deep Sea Imprint before dealing damage, normal skills also remove any protective or beneficial effects the target may have. When he uses his Talent Skill after Breakthrough, not only does it boost his own Attack, but it also raises the target’s Attack reduction. Inflicting a debuff on one target with Active Skill causes the debuff to spread to all other targets in the chain. Deep Sea Chain not only goes after the enemies who were originally selected, but also the ones with the lowest health.

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Times between 8/24/2022 5a.m. and 9/7/2022 4:59:59 a.m. UTC are unlockable.

Second, the first ever Fireworks Convention is being held.

The annual Fireworks Convention honoring the harvest in the fall is the topic of much conversation.

Firework Tokens may be redeemed for prizes during the event.

The Fireworks Store has many freebies and treats waiting to be discovered.

In addition, you may get excellent refunds according on how often you recharge.

Go all out with the fireworks, and revel in the enchantment.

UTC unlock between 8/24/2022 5:00a.m. and 9/7/2022 4:59:59 a.m.

Third, an Extraordinary Chip Deal

For a limited period, the Special Chip Sale will allow you to significantly improve your heroes.

Put Chips into the hands of your best characters to bring forth their best abilities.

Chip characteristics are triggered upon equipping, unlocking special Chip Skills. Combining chips into a higher-quality whole increases their power.

Unlock between August 24 and 31, 2022, between 5:00 a.m. and 4:59:59 a.m. UTC

Brand-Spanking-New Fantastic Trip Chart: The Treasure Gulf

From generation to generation, the rumor of the gulf’s hidden wealth has been handed down.

Get your treasure map packed and get off on your quest to discover the gulf’s hidden riches as soon as possible!

Download version 2.6.4 and complete levels 5-20 of the story to unlock this content.

Times between 8/24/2022 5a.m. and 9/7/2022 4:59:59 a.m. UTC are unlockable.

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