Panilla Saga Redeem Codes 2023 January

All our new Panilla Saga Redeem Codes 2023 can be exchanged for resources such as coins, gold, tickets or precious Diamonds. The loot you collect should mainly be used to upgrade your hero, your equipment and therefore your power.

Panilla Saga is a role-playing game developed by Ujoy Games for Android, (we hope soon an IOS version). The game has a retro animation style with an AFK mode that will allow you to simply watch and enjoy the special effects. You will have to face battlefields where tactics will be crucial for the success of the fight and collect new unique and magical artifacts. Whether you want to explore the game solo or in guilds, you’ll have a choice of over 100 Heroes and 6 factions. In addition, many events are available to enrich the content of the game

List of all Panilla Saga Redeem Codes

Below you will find the list of all new Panilla Saga codes that work to date. By using them, you will get diamonds, coins and gold. Also, leave us a comment if you encounter an error with any of them.

new Panilla Saga Redeem CodesReward
LUNAR2023Redeem this to get 2 Gold Summon Vouchers and 50 Common Obsidian (added on 22nd January 2023)
Y2023ARTo celebrate the new year 2023, you can redeem this coupon for New Hero [Sif] and New Skin [Whitewing XII] and more until 15th January
FairGameAdded on December 13, this code is valid until the end of the year against
COUGARAdded on December 12, this code is valid until the end of the year against
DREW22100 Diamonds, 100 Elemental Magestone, and 1 Gold Summon Voucher
MMOBYTE100 Diamonds, 5 6h Pile of Coin, and 1 Gold Summon Voucher

We invite you to look further down this page to find official links on which the codes can be distributed even before on our site.

Last Out of Date Gift Codes for Panilla Saga

  • THANKSGIVING – 2 Gold Summon Vouchers and 50 Common Obsidian
  • KASHMAN – 100 Diamonds, 1 Gold Summon Voucher, and 50 Common Obsidian
  • HALLOWEEN – 200 Diamonds, 1 Crystal Summon Voucher, and 50 Elemental Magestone
  • PANILLASAGA – 200 Diamonds, 2 6h Pile of EXP, 2 6h Pile of Coin, 100 Elemental Magestone, and 100 Common Obsidian
  • TW111 – 100 Diamonds, 1 Gold Summon Voucher, and 50 Common Obsidian
  • FB777 – 100 Diamonds, 2 6h Pile of EXP, and 60 Silver Hero Cards
  • SAGA777 – 200 Diamonds, 77K Coins, and 60 Silver Hero Cards
  • DC888 – 100 Diamonds, 100 Elemental Magestone, and 1 Gold Summon Voucher
  • JOINPANILLA – 200 Diamonds, 100K Coins, 300 Elemental Magestone, 120 Silver Hero Cards, and 2 Gold Summon Vouchers

Panilla Saga Event 14th December

Schedule: Dec. 15 00:00 – Dec. 21 23:59 (UTC-7)

Limited Choice Up Summon event during the event, pick your ally and sail with her! You can get a great Rate Up on summoning Hero [Katarina], [Delilah], or [Nancy].

Use Diamonds/Rubies or Special Summon Voucher to summon your chosen Hero!

How to redeem codes in Panilla Saga?

Panilla Saga Codes

To redeem a coupon in this game and get a reward, you must follow this guide. Launch the game and click on your profile at the top of the screen. In the next window, press the “Home” button and then “Redeem Code“. Now enter one of the codes in the text field and click on “Confirm“.

FAQ : People Also Ask for Panilla Saga Redeem Codes

Based on PAA google searches, we have listed below several questions related to the game that the gaming community is looking for, and we have tried to answer them. If necessary, we give you sources of answers that seem relevant to us.

What are the Sources of Panilla Saga Codes 2023

You can find information, guides, coupons and events to win extra diamonds by linking to the game’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. This is indeed the preferred means of communication of the publisher of Panilla Saga

When will the next Panilla Saga codes be created?

Creators like to create them when there are important events in real life. Whether it’s birthdays or Christmas. A code usually comes out every month and lasts 30 days. You will also get some when new heroes are released.

We invite you to bookmark this site and stay informed of the latest news, codes, tier-lists, guides, events and Patch Notes for all your favorite games

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