Punishing Gray Raven Codes 2021 September ( 4 Coupons )

Punishing Gray Raven is a simulation game developed by HK Hero. The editors and creators regularly release new Punishing Gray Raven Codes 2021 to thank its loyal players. These often offer free rewards in order to promote new things and help beginner or expert players to progress faster.

In addition to compensations such as maintenance and game updates, the Punishing Gray Raven Gift Codes will give you items, resources and accessories such as Cards and Tickets. These rewards are the same for everyone. Be careful, you can only use them once!

Update : 22 August 2021

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Before discovering the list, find here the last 5 news, Patch Notes and Event of the game. The information comes from the official media of the game. Very often it is their Facebook channel or even Twitter.

August 9, 2021

We are on the way to the Arctic, please get ready for the next mission!
The new Chapter, new Constructs Lucia: Crimson Abyss(S-Rank) and Kamui: Bastion(A-Rank), new Exclusive 6 Weapons: Sakura (Lucia Exclusive), Big Kamui (Kamui Exclusive), new Coatings, new Interlude, and new Events are available in the Frozen Darkness version after

August 9, 2021
August 13, 2021

New Event

S-Rank Construct Nanami: Pulse drop rate up to 70% in [Arrival Limited Research] and [Fate Arrival Limited Research]!
Event Time: August 13, 08:00 – August 27, 07:59 (UTC)
Check more Details:

August 13, 2021
August 19, 2021

The PGR Memelord Ascension is available!
Add your meme comment in the event post on Facebook. You will be able to get the lucky prize! You can also upload high-quality original memes to win a bigger prize!
Aug 19 – Sep 3, 07:59 AM (UTC)

August 19, 2021

List of Punishing Gray Raven Gift Codes

  • Cobbd2fpb0g – x50 Black Card and x30 Serum Potion
  • pb8msjg0g – x200 Black Card
  • GR777 – S Rank Construct
  • aitecteb – 2500 Supply Blue Tickets

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Out of Date

dbny8a40g – x200 Black Card

Where to find new codes?

All Punishing Gray Raven Codes are found on official Discord or on Facebook

Useful video

We have taken the liberty of showing you a video titled “Karenina PV: Explosion Life” which seems relevant. This relates to the youtube channel of publisher. Several tips for the game, new features and beginners guides are revealed on it.

How To Redeem Punishing Gray Raven Codes ?

To claim a Gift code in Punishing Gray Raven, there are a few simple steps to complete. Not that different from other mobile games. As you imagine the first step is to launch into the games.

Steps to collect the reward :

Step 1

First of all, you have to finish the tutorial. Then, in the game, locate the icon that looks like a Avatar Icon, and click on it

Step 2

Now in the new window you should see a “Code” button near the “logout” tab

Step 3

Then enter one of this above and validate. In general, we get the reward instantly.


– Punishing Gray Raven Codes 2021 can only be used once,
– They may have an expiration date,
– Or a limited number of use.

Game info

  • Title : Punishing Gray Raven
  • Publisher : HK HERO
  • Genre : Action
  • Download :

Human’s exploration of science touched the taboo field, and the “punishing” suddenly came. The fragile human body is rapidly destroyed, while the Corrupter is manipulated and turned into violent killing machine.

The once highly prosperous human civilization has almost lost its trace on the earth. The survivors were forced to flee their homes and exile in deep space. You will take on the role as a “Savior” and lead the final hope “Reconstructed Soldier” of human civilization on the journey back to earth.

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