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Puzzles and Conquest Patch Notes

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Find here the last official Puzzles and Conquest Patch Notes, dated on 7th September 2021
This Patch Notes is from their official Facebook

UPDATE : 7th September 2021

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Last Puzzles and Conquest Patch Notes (7th September 2021)

Source : Facebook

Here is the patch maintenance note 9-07 9: 00-10: 00 (UTC).
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Release Notes
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  1. Added 10 star gems.
  2. Added Gem Blessing Lv.11 and Lv.12.
  3. New Battle of Saurnesia mode: Alliance Clash (3 alliances against 3 alliances).
  4. Increased the maximum level of 5-star heroes to Lv.400.
  5. New Campaign mode: Master (difficulty level 3) where you can evolve Divine Dew to evolve Lv.350 + heroes.
  6. Military expedition
    There are now 7 grades: Starter, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Legend. Realms of the same rank will be matched. The higher the score, the richer the rewards.
    Note: The initial rating will be decided based on when the realms were created.
    Bronze: Kingdom 108-116
    Silver: Kingdom 85-107
    Gold: Kingdom 1-84
  7. You can now hide the demon attack prompt in Demon Incursion.
  8. Resource chests now display on the resource usage interface.

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