Raziel : How to Unlock All 5 Launch Characters

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How to unlock the 5 starting characters in Raziel Dungeon Arena?

At the start of the game, you have to choose one of the 5 characters. But to spend some time, or to complete our gaming experience, we may wish to use one of the other heroes.

How to get the first 3 characters?

To be able to unlock them, I have made a very simple little guide for you that will allow you to quickly play with new heroes. Here are the steps to follow:

  • 1 – Start the game and choose one of the three characters offered
  • 2- You must quickly reach level 40 to be able to unlock another. A window will appear and you will get a Hero Choice Pack. Then go to your inventory under the “fine” section. Click on your to get two other starting characters.
  • 3 – Continue to progress in the game until level 56 and redo the manipulation. You will then have in your possession the 3 starting heroes.

How to unlock the Paladin or Isadora ?

I told you about Raziel Dungeon Arena Unlock All Characters . But only presented 3 to you. The rest is a little harder, even longer, but quite within everyone’s reach

Now the most difficult part to acquire the other characters “the bison, the paladin and Isadora the necromancer (puppet master). There are two solutions for this

  • 1: You must be in a guild to access their reward. The more you log into the game, the more honor you get.
  • Use honor points to reach Bronze Knight 2. However, this can currently take a long time.
  • 2: The creators of the game have put together a pack (to buy for $ 20) which will then give you all the characters and many advantages. Personally, I advise you for a better experience of the game.

And you, what is your favorite character in Raziel Dungeon Arena?

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