Find below the list of all the realtime list of codes added for Andoid and IOS mobile games and Roblox, in real time. As soon as a new code is created and released on the official channels of the publishers, we add them in the table below. We also invite you to add this page to your favorites and to consult it regularly so as not to miss the next codes.

List of video game codes for 2nd June, 2022

GamesCodes & Rewards
Summoners WarSW2022JUN29
Taptap UniverseTTUJUNE001
Space ShooterBAZQO
Kiss of WarKOWDUANWU2022
Art of Wardragon505
One Punch Man Road To Hero 2.0eytns7dW
Mythic HeroesFN5K3
Era of CelestialsTSJY0602
Hybrid WarriorK58WA674
Heroic Expedition61kuaile
War of Kingsakq124
AFK Arenak9k8wjc438

List of video game codes for June 1, 2022

Today, the first day of the month, many publishers and game creators are releasing new codes for their game. Usually they are a long lifespan before they expire

GamesCodes & Rewards
Valor Legends6Q6zaa8
Rage of DestinyPHXE6D
Infinite Galaxy30tcUD
TWD Survivorstwd9mUu
Rise of KingdomsMXhk0V38aL
Dragon Ball IdleChildren61
X Hero Idle Avengerschild22 – 4 scrolls + 40 love summon
Call of AntiaChildrensDay
Mr LoveaECaaJEPq3Y5 – Gems*20, Stamina*30, Gold*2000
Magnum Questchildhood – Dragonshards 500, Gold Hunt Token 1, Silver Hunt Token 3, Bronze Hunt Token 5
Animal RestaurantHAPPYASACHILD
Raid Shadow Legends13YEARSPLARIUM – 100% XP Boost (3 days), 50 Multi Battles Attempts, Energy x100 and XP Brews (random) x30

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