Reaper 2 Tier List and Race Guide- Ranked

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This Reaper 2 Tier List and Race Guide for will investigate each of the game’s available Races in detail. Reaper 2 is a new action-adventure game that can be found on Roblox. It is based on the Bleach manga and anime series. You have the option to play this game as either a human or a hollow as you engage in combat against the many foes that threaten the world. If you want to go very far in this Roblox game, you’re going to need to work on improving your combat abilities.

There are a few other racial possibilities to choose from in Reaper 2, although there aren’t very many. In addition, the unique qualities and skill sets that everyone has contribute to the overall value of the group. We thought it would be good to develop a list of the many Reaper 2 races since it is so tough to identify which one is the best.

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Reaper 2 Reroll Guide

  • Launch the game on the device you’re using.
  • To access the menu, choose the “Menu” icon, which is located in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • You also have the option of pressing the “M” button in this case.
  • In the new box, choose “Dev Products” and click on it.
  • To reroll the race, click the “Reroll Race” button. This will clear all of your character info and start you again.
  • Your ability to reroll the race will now cost you up to 250 Robux.

How can I get access to Shikai in Reaper 2?

Possessing a halo indicates you are of a high enough spiritual standing to activate your Shikai. To get the name while in a meditative condition, press P. You may start using it as soon as you input its name into a conversation window.

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Reaper 2 Best Races Guide – Tier List

Soul Reapers

If the Soul Reapers are successful in recovering a lost soul, then they will transport that soul to a location known as the Soul Society. As they go through the training program of the organization, they are given an invitation to join one of 13 squads. Each squad has a lieutenant and a captain who are in charge of it. A person can become a “Substitute Soul Reaper” if they want to use their abilities as a Soul Reaper but were not born with those abilities or if they have broken the stringent standards set by the Soul Society. A “Substitute Soul Reaper” is allowed to use their abilities but is not acknowledged as one of the born Soul Reapers. If a person wants to use their abilities as a Soul Reaper but was not born with those abilities, they can become.

Zanpakutos, the one-of-a-kind swords used by Soul Reapers, are often seen in their possession. As they get older, they will discover how to communicate with their sword and go through what are known as the “two awakenings of the sword.”

Soul Reapers Shikai Chances

Soul Reapers ShikaiChances
Zangetsu 50% Chance
Wabisuke 50% Chance
Sakanade 34% Chance
Sode no Shirayuki 34% Chance
Katen Kyokotsu 12% Chance
Benihime 12% Chance
Senbonzakura 12% Chance
Shinso 12% Chance
Ryujin Jakka 4% Chance


After death, the souls of those who were hollowed did not transform into ghosts but instead turned inward and were consumed by the regrets they harbored throughout their lives. Eventually, these souls took the form of a masked beast with a hole in its chest, indicating that it did not have a heart any longer.

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One of the other ways to transform into a Hollow is to wear a Chain of Fate, which is a necklace that is worn across the chest and, upon the wearer’s death, deteriorates and bursts, leaving behind a recognizable hole. Unless, that is, a Soul Reaper comes to one’s aid and saves them.


Despite how simple it is to use, the Quincy race is the one that is used the least in Reaper 2. You need to achieve level 25 in order to have a chat with the Quincy Grandfather, and then you need to parkour your way to the top of the mountain near the first forest. After that, you may talk to him. As we go forward with the creation of the Reaper 2 Beginner Guide and the Reaper 2 Tier List, we will be adding new content to this website.

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