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Roblox AU Reborn Tier List – Best Character

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To better understand who the best Roblox AU Reborn character are, we created this AU Reborn Tier List. The characters in this tier list play a key role, and your decision of which unit to use will have far-reaching effects.

The objective of this team-based combat game is to eliminate the opposing team before they can do the same to you by learning and using unique abilities. Players in AU: Reborn assume the role of a popular or influential figure from a broad range of anime series in an effort to outmaneuver their opponents.

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Roblox AU Reborn Character rank

Tiers in Roblox AU Reborn range from the hardest (S) to the easiest (C). S-tier soldiers should be your first priority, whereas C-tier ones should be avoided.

Best Roblox AU Reborn CharacterRank
Shisui, Issei, Fubuki, JonseyS tier
Garou, Tsuna, Tanjiro Kamado, Yugi, Yor Forget – Free, Gojo Satoru,A tier
Janeki, Hit, BoaB tier
Fabuli Unfinished, Con, Naruto, AsunaC tier
Kirito Unfinished, Kefla UnfinishedD tier

Who Is the best character in AU Reborn Tier List ?

Each flat that is for rent meets minimum standards. Of course, there are situations in which certain units perform noticeably better than others. Nonetheless, there is no such thing as a poor unit; it all depends on how you play.

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However, according to our tier list for Roblox AU Reborn, Shisui, Issei, Fabuki, and Jonsey are the four best players in the game. You should prioritize eliminating these soldiers first.

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