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DOORS Race Clicker Codes 2023 January

All DOORS Race Clicker Codes 2023 will give you resources such as wins that will allow you to go faster in order to get more wins. They are added by the publisher Crazay Clickers according to the updates and the levels of like and favorites.

DOORS Race Clicker is a racing game in which you have to reach the longest distance, therefore as fast as possible. To do this, before the race, you have to click a maximum amount of time in order to increase the speed with a boost. In this version, it is possible to get many skins.

List of Roblox DOORS Race Clicker Codes 2023

Below we have created two lists for DOORS Race Clicker codes. One containing the new ones that work and all the ones that are now expired. They will give you wins.

New DOORS Race Clicker Codes 2023
Glitch 50 wins
Twentymillion 500 wins
Floor8 200 wins
Crazay 25 wins
floor3Redeem this code to get some wins (found on discord)
Bugfixes Due to a bug fixed in the game, and added on November 27, you can use this code to get 100 wins
onemillionThis 2nd code of the game is exchangeable for 25 wins, it is linked to the fact that 1 million players came on the page
releasethe release code is the 1st of the game, it is redeemable for 25 wins
In total there are no less than 4 codes to get a nice loot.

Expired codes for DOORS Race Clicker

Alas, it is now too late to use them, the creator Crazay Clickers has put an expiration date.

  • none for the moment

How do I redeem a DOORS Race Clicker Code ?

codes for DOORS Race Clicker

To redeem a code in the game and get more wins, you have to launch it and click on the Twitter button located on the right of the screen (the blue bird icon). Then you have to enter a code from our list in the text field “Enter Code” and click on Redeem. You will get the reward immediately.

Where to get new codes for DOORS Race Clicker?

The codes are distributed in 3 different places, you will find them easily. Either on the game page in the description tab, or by following @CrazayGames on Twitter, or by joining their discord server. In the latter, you will find a channel “codes”.

Who is Crazay Clickers ?

This is now their 3rd game from this brilliant team of developers. They are also behind Alphabet Lore Tycoon and Lore Race

What are DOORS Race Clicker codes ?

These are bonuses intended to thank the player or to compensate for the server maintenance, by giving them wins.

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