Roblox Naruto Defense Simulator Codes 2022 September

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Naruto Defense Simulator is a Roblox game developed by BigKoala. The editors and creators regularly release new Roblox Naruto Defense Simulator Codes 2022 to thank its loyal players. These often offer free rewards in order to promote new things and help beginner or expert players to progress faster. They will give you items, resources and accessories such as boost, luck and coins.

You’ll be summoning and training Naruto characters in Roblox Naruto Defense Simulator to make them stronger. To gain additional cash, explore new maps and battle bosses. If you want to progress farther in the game, form a group with several pals. Develop become the game’s top player! Redeem codes for Naruto Defense Simulator to get rewards

List of Roblox Naruto Defense Simulator Codes

The most recent valid codes for Naruto Defense Simulator are shown here. These may be exchanged for cash, coins, and other items.

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Naruto Defense Simulator CodesReward
escortRedeem code for 1800 coins (Added on 29th March)
season2Redeem code for 1800 coins (Added on 29th March)
narutoniceRedeem code for 1800 coins (Added on 9th October)
narutoworldRedeem code for free coins
fixsummonbug Redeem for 1.5K Coins (Added on 25th August)
narutogreat Redeem for 1000 Coins
narutomore Redeem for 1K Coins
narutohero Redeem for 800 Coins
naruto Redeem for 500 Coins

Where to find new codes?

All Naruto Defense Simulator Codes are found on official Roblox Website or Twitter

How to Redeem code in Naruto Defense Simulator ?

To claim a Roblox Naruto Defense Simulator code, there are a few simple steps to complete. Not that different from other roblox games. As you imagine the first step is to launch into the games. Then, in the game, locate the icon that looks like a bird or the twitter logo, and click on it. Now in the new window you should see a text box. Then enter one of this above and validate. In general, we get the reward instantly.


– Naruto Defense Simulator Codes 2022 can only be used once,
– They may have an expiration date,
– Or a limited number of use.

Roblox Naruto Defense Simulator Codes

Game info

This Roblox action game is called Naruto Defense Simulator, and it allows players to conjure and train powerful warriors from the Naruto show. Your objective is to achieve a level of power that will allow you to take on the most difficult monsters, collect cash, and level up your warriors. You should always try to play with your friends if you want to increase your chances of winning and have more fun.

  • Title : Naruto Defense Simulator
  • Publisher : BigKoala
  • How to Play ? :

Welcome to the Naruto Defense Simulator!

New Code at 20000 Likes

20210820-Update Log
-Add 2 maps
-New Shop
-Attack FX switch
-New background music

Summon and train powerful naruto
Discover new map,fight bosses,earn coins…
Team up with friends

Check back regularly so as not to miss the next news, events, codes, tier list and guides. If you use social networks, feel free to share with your friends or your guild.

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