28 July 2021

Roblox Shinobi Life 2 becomes Shindo!

While the game Shinobi Life 2 had removed from the Roblox environment without delay, the game developers RELLgames will finally be able to reintegrate it. This one comes back under the name Shindo Life, the studio also changed its name, but the staff remains the same!

Shindo Life : same game, but renamed

Finally, some time ago Roblox was forced to withdraw one of its best games, frequented every day by thousands of players. A complaint had been filed previously by a franchise of the Naruto company because several elements infringing the properties of intellectual rights were integrated into the universe of the game, without their agreement. Despite the very important community, Roblox did not have time to let their creator apply changes and decide to suspend the game without delay. The designers were therefore unable to make the changes on time.

RELLgames, through their media and news feed have left a lot of information (twitter, facebook) to follow the progress of this story. It is now that the studio has been renamed to RELL World and also renamed its game! His new name will now be Shindo Life! This team also indicates that fans of the game will not see the difference, to everyone’s happiness. You will be able to resume fighting very soon.

At the time this article is written, it is still not present on the famous platform. The Roblox team and staff take the time to verify that all elements that were previously outlawed are corrected and modified. They will not miss a release as soon as the game Shindo Life overhaul is available.

And since good news never comes alone, it looks like the studio has been able to back up and restore player accounts.