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Rush Royale Patch Notes September 2021

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Find here the last official Rush Royale Patch Notes, dated on 15th September 2021
This Patch Notes is from their official Facebook

UPDATE : 7th September 2021

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Last Rush Royale Patch Notes 7.1

Version 7.1.1 is now available!
What’s new:
Fixed a bug where the unit would sometimes stop its AoE attack
Fixed a bug where the unit instantly kills monsters with a certain maximum health value

Two new epic units: Ivy and Gargoyle
Changes to the Mirror Match event
Changes to the Clan Tournament event
The Bannerlord mini-boss has been nerfed
A series of balance changes
Lots of other new features and improvements!
Check out the Game News section for a detailed patch note!

Source : Rush Royale on Facebook

Last Rush Royale Patch Notes 7.0


With the latest update, we’ve added equipment to the game that improves the impact of heroes in battles. As we said earlier, all items are divided into several types: weapons, armor and amulets. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.
There are currently 4 types of weapons in the game, which have different appearances and unique bonuses:
Sword – increase the damage your units deal to enemies
Spear – increase the attack speed of your units
Bow – increase the critical damage of your units *
Magic Staff – increases the amount of mana received when enemies are slain

There are also 4 types of articles here. They affect the unit parameters of the partner in Co-Op / opponent in PvP:
Chainmail – increase partner damage in co-op, decrease opponent damage in PvP
Hunter’s Jacket – increases partner attack speed in co-op, decrease opponent attack speed in PvP
Knight’s Armor – increases partner critical damage in co-op, decreases opponent’s critical damage in PvP *
Mage Robe – increases partner mana gain by killing monsters in co-op, decrease opponent’s mana gain by killing monsters in PvP

This item type adds additional damage to random tiles on the battlefield. The higher the rank of the item, the more tiles of that type.
All item effects increase stat value in%, except critical damage, which is summed up with your metric. In the case of Knight’s armor, critical damage is added to the partner’s indicator in Co-op or subtracted from the opponent’s indicator in PvP.

What does the ranking give to the objects?

Common object – has a basic effect
Rare item – has a base effect + effect for the random faction
Epic item – has one base effect + two effects for different factions
Legendary item – has a base effect + three effects for different factions
Also, keep in mind that in order to craft items in the Forge you will need Special Shards, which can be obtained from Career Quests and Chests in the Shop.
Tell us in the comments:
What items have you already received?
Which effects did you find the most useful?
And what equipment are you currently using in combat?
Enjoy the game! Play now:

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