19 May 2021
Savior Fantasy codes

Savior Fantasy Codes 2021 (May)

What are the new Savior Fantasy Codes 2021 that work today? Find the full list here and get free rewards.

Find here all the Savior Fantasy Gift Codes and how to use them. They’ll give you gift.

Savior Fantasy Codes 2021 List

Below is the full list of Savior Fantasy Gift Codes. It is updated as soon as a new one comes out. It includes those who are seems valid and also the old ones which can still work. Also, they often have an expiration date. Use them quickly and share them with your friends and your guild before they’re out of date. Please, let me a reply if one of these are fail, so i will remove it

Savior Fantasy Gift Codes


Here the list of codes that work :

  1. JN49JTK – Redeem this code for free items
  2. B2TQMS – 388 Bound diamonds, 10 Tarot Hunt Tix
  3. B9X0ES – 10 Stigmata Mark and 5 Essences
  4. 1A446F5 – 300 Diamonds and 5 Adv Wings Crystal
  5. 9BL37F4 – 279 bound diamonds
  6. 2B27VQ – 9 roses and 200 bound diamonds
  7. R564i4 – free items

Here the list of codes that are out of date :

  • KA7G5QE – Redeem this code for free items
  • LA0N26 – free items
  • GG77JW – free items
  • C17i966F – free items
  • oRoQAQVQ – 50 bound diamonds and 5 crystal
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How to redeem Savior Fantasy Codes ?

To claim the codes you need to do a few steps. To do this, I list the steps :

  • First, in the game you have to Go to the “Benefits” menu.
  • Then you have to click on the “redeem” button
  • Next you need to write the code as is. Or copy paste.
  • Finally, return to game have the gift.

You cannot use the codes if they are:

  • They are arrived at their expiration date
  • They have reach the limit number of use
  • And if you have already entered them

Where to find new Gift codes for Savior Fantasy ?

Where to find them ? I am not the one who created the codes. So to know the codes as soon as they are released, you have to follow the creators. Indeed Gift codes for Savior Fantasy are release on their game chains. To know when the next one will be released, you can base it on the major events of the game. It can be updates or new features or on the news of real life. Then i will update this page each time a new one is publish. You can find them on :

Game info

Savior Fantasy, a next-gen MMOPRG of Steampunk and Fantasy.
Explore this fully immersive fantasy land and embark on an extraordinary journey!

Players start their journey from [Waltzie Academy], to become powerful young sorcerers who utilize magical weapons to pave their own way onto the battlefield. In this mystical journey, our young sorcerers will meet friends, myriads of pets and partners to fight against evil forces from the abyss……

Magic Campus Style and 360°Full View
Extravagant graphical display overhauled with perfect 3D graphics that mold the world into shape. It’s made to provide an exquisite and fun gaming experience in the hands of the player
Gorgeous [Waltzie Academy], unprecedented scenes and battle animations are all in the palm of your hand!

Source : Google Play

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