Simure Vikings Patch Notes November 2021

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Find here the last official Simure Vikings Patch Notes, dated on 30th September 2021
This Patch Notes is from their official Facebook

UPDATE : 2nd November 2021

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Simure Vikings Patch Notes 2nd November

[Update time]2021-11-2 8h00 (GMT)
[Release Notes]
  1. Addition of a new system: hunting.
  2. Added a new system: Journey.
  3. Addition of a new event: Banquet Festin.
  4. Added a new skin for Ivar: Pain Bringer.
  5. Added tips for the Journey system.
  6. Reduce excessive pop-up activity ads.
  7. The gift pack will automatically return to the bottom after receiving or purchasing.
  8. Fixed dubbing repeat issue when dating.
  9. Fixed a display problem in Tavern and Fishing.
  10. Fixed an issue preventing players from clicking the report button on their profile.

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