Simure Vikings Patch Notes September 2021

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Find here the last official Simure Vikings Patch Notes, dated on 30th September 2021
This Patch Notes is from their official Facebook

UPDATE : 30th September 2021

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Last Simure Vikings Patch Notes 30th September

[Update time]2021-09-30 8h00 (GMT)
Source : Facebook
[Release Notes]New functions and events

  1. Added a red dot for collections.
  2. Added animation when getting new heroes and lovers.
  3. Added a main mission guide.
  4. Added a new feature to display alliance member information.
  5. Addition of a new event: Hammertime.
  6. Addition of a new event: Harvest.
  7. Added a new PVP event: Ragnarok
  8. Added a new skin for Guthrum: Hrosshvalr.
  9. Fixed a Boss name mismatch issue in chapter 56,61,62,69,78.
  10. Fixed the issue that energy could not recover in time during romantic encounters.
  11. Fixed an incomplete UI issue in Asgard.
  12. Optimized user experience during the novice guide.
  13. Optimization of the function to automatically return packages to the bottom after purchase or receipt.

Last Simure Vikings Patch Notes 22th September

We will be doing a new update [version 1.0.68] today. Please leave your opinions in the comment section.
[Update time]2021-09-22 8:00 am (GMT)
[Release Notes]

  1. Added sound effects for Citadel and Training.
  2. Added animation switching effect for Heroes, Daily Mission Completion, Market, and Cash Gift Package.
  3. Added notifications and approaches to reach items in case of inexperience.
  4. Added notification of total power growth during a single growth.
  5. Added information about the alliance in the profile.
  6. Added automatic attacks when fighting with raid bosses.
  7. Addition of the skin of Nott’s Nightshade
    Bug fixes and optimization
  8. Correction of an interface update problem in Market.
  9. Fixed the issue with the background disappearing when viewing skill details on the hero interface.
  10. Fixed an issue where the background would disappear when viewing skill details on the Hero UI.
  11. Fixed hero list so players can see total achievement.
  12. Fixed flashback issue after Facebook sharing.
  13. Optimized configuration of rewards during the rush.

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