Sonic Frontiers: The Datamine Files Cyberspace, Fishing and more

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Thanks to the recent release of Sonic Origins, we have plenty of information and details about Sonis Frontiers. Whether it’s a new cyberspace, a new faction, new minibosses and NPCs, thanks to this Datamine, we now know what to expect, and it’s enticing

Sonic, the return of Big the Cat

In this Datamine discovered on Sonic Frontiers and relayed on Twitter by @ahremic, a file suggests that there will be a lot of novelty on the character side (Sages and Kodama) as well as certain returns such as The Big and Froggy who will make their appearanc

In addition, by searching among the files present, we present that the Sonic saga wishes to please former players but also to discover mythical characters, previously main, but not only. The return of Big the Cat and his mini fishing game, we discover among the GishCaught files, NewFishFistLooked, suggesting that Big will go through this new adventure alongside Sonic through fishing parties. With this information we will also find the appearance of a parallel world, an overworld, thanks to a fishing portal.

Sonic, the creation of a cyberspace and factions

In the Sonic Frontiers Datamine, other files besides characters and NPCs are discovered. We will find files such as “CyberSpaceNoise” and “CyberHologram” thus revealing the desire of the creators to add a cyber space.

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We will also learn about the creation of a new faction that we have been totally unknown to until now. The Kodama were not present in this franchise, what mystery does it hold for us? where do they come from and what is their story? The file names are KodamaElderTalked, KodamaHermitSlept. We will surely have a new answer soon.

What is the story of this new Sonic Frontiers opus?

Thanks to a trailer with the voice of Amy, we learn, or rather we assume that Amy and Tails would need Sonic’s help. Indeed, a file named AmyStatus may be related to the VoiceDiaryCaught file.

These are all just guesses, and we’ll probably be a lot more by the end of the year. What do you think ?

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