Stellaris Promo Codes 2022 October

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Stellaris Galaxy is a Strategy game developed by Paradox Interactive AB. Its creators regularly broadcast new Stellaris Promo Codes 2022 also called “Redemption or Promo Codes”. This is updated as soon as a new one is released. They will give rewards to all players in the same way regardless of their level, beginner or advanced, such as Gold and items. Please note, they can only be used once.

Stellaris Galaxy Command is an Android and iOS sci-fi strategy game created by Paradox Interactive. The planet needs you to go into space and take control of the space station, which is expected to be attacked by another civilisation, according to reports. You must build and expand your station, where you will raise an army to fight against other civilizations, undertake different research, and increase the station’s population. Redeem our Stellaris Codes 2022 to get rewards.

List of Stellaris Promo Codes 2022

We’ve compiled a list of all the Stellaris codes 2022 that are currently available. These tickets may be redeemed for free gold, cornerstones, nanobots of various levels, and speed boosts.

Stellaris Promo Codes 2022Rewards
cornucopiaGift code added on 22 November
WSW21receive surprise rewards (Added on 4th October, 2021) (New)
xenologyreceive free items (Added on September 1st, 2021) (New)
Anniversaryreceive free items (Added on June 25th, 2021)
1Yearreceive free items (Added on June 10th, 2021)
PDXCONREMIXEDreceive free items (Added on May 21st, 2021)
Gagarinreceive free items (Added on April 12th, 2021)
GREGARIOUSNESSx2 100 Higgs Gold, x10 100 Cornerstones, Nanobots and x20 5 min Speed Up
CONVIVIALITYreceive free items
WEIGHTLESSNESSreceive free items
HALLOWEENreceive free items
EMBOURGEOISEMENTreceive free items
GALAXYreceive free items
ANNIVERSARYreceive free items

How to Redeem Stellaris Galaxy Promo Codes ?

Stellaris Galaxy Promo Codes

To use Stellaris promo code there is a very simple little procedure. This may be different depending on whether the games are on Andoid or on IOS

  1. First of all you have to lauche the game

  2. then you have to click on the “Function” button on the left of screen

  3. Now in the new window you should see an “Promo code” text box.

  4. Next enter one code in the “Please enter the promo code” field.

  5. You will receive the reward like Gold and items and many more

If the above procedure does not work, it is possible to see the procedure via this youtube video

How can I find new Stellaris Galaxy Codes?

Our list of Stellaris Promo Codes is the most up-to-date of all. It is updated as soon as a new fact is released. All come from the official media of the game. In no case can we create any. So there are two choices to know the last ones, and here’s how to find them:


The universe barely survived an interdimensional invasion that devastated large swathes of the galaxy. The United Nations of Earth needs your help and contribution to rebuild galactic civilization. Take control of your own space station and fly to distant stars! On your way, you will discover new mysteries in the depths of the universe!

Get ready to explore and experience a spectacular, real-time universe, where thousands of players play in a single galaxy with nearly a thousand star systems to explore! Build your space station, form and join alliances to jointly occupy regions of space, trade with other players, build your own powerful fleet and wage war against other players in the galaxy!

Check back regularly so as not to miss the next Stellaris Galaxy Codes, events, tier list and guides. If you use social networks, feel free to share with your friends or your guild.

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