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Since you’re here reading this, you’ve undoubtedly played Subway Surfers, at least for a little while. After all, it is the most downloaded mobile game ever. A new installment in the series featuring Jake, who is always trying to evade the guardian, has been released on Apple Arcade on 15th July. The gameplay of Subway Surfers Tag is significantly different from the original since it takes place in an arena where players must perform a series of skateboarding feats in order to advance. In order to string together the longest combos and get the most points, you’ll need to do rail grinds, figure eights, tag and explode robots. Eventually, you’ll be able to access more challenging areas.

Subway Surfers Tag Description

Stay out of trouble! Subway Surfers, beware: the Guard and his robots are waiting for you in the Rail Yard, so go grinding on those ramps and tagging those trains! It will be available on 15th July on IOS

Stay mobile and ride the waves at the station.

Participate in the action in one of many unique, interactive city places. You may go roller skating on derelict trains at the Rail Yard, having fun in the Park after dark, or getting bonuses in the Freight Docks. Warning, however! The Guard will not permit such inanity. There are more of his guys pursuing you now.

The rules are as follows: – SKATE, GRIND, TAG, and CHASE

Aim for the highest score you can! Get some sweet combo points by skating around the arena, grinding the rails, doing tricks, completing tag goals, and shooting the cleaning robots. The Guard and his robots are after you to ruin your enjoyment, so get away from them as quickly as possible.

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To put it simply, you merit the very best. Gain access to further chapters by completing levels with a high score and earning Arena Medals. Do not forget that you may always return to previous venues in search of the medals you missed the first time around.


To increase your score multiplier in Subway Surfers, collect the new extras that are constantly being added. Gather star coins and use them to strengthen your squad for the rest of the races. As you complete sets of tasks, your score multiplier will grow for subsequent races.

In other words, it’s important to balance work with play.

Do you think you’re up to the task? Try to beat your previous score as the Guard is hot on your heels, willing to do whatever it takes to put a stop to the mayhem.

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