Sweet Dance Redeem Codes 2022 October

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Sweet Dance is an action game developed by AU Dance Studio. Its creators regularly broadcast new Sweet Dance Redeem Codes 2022 also called “Redemption or Gift Codes“. They are intended to thank their loyal players in order to help them progress quickly in the game. The rewards are often similar to compensation due to maintenances and updates or even events created for special occasions.

AU Dance Studio’s Sweet Dance is a popular and fun dance and rhythm game for Android and iOS. You’ll have access to a variety of anime characters, whose appearances you can customize as well as outfit them in fashionable outfits. You can meet other players from all over the world, create a storyline for your heroes, build a romantic relationship between them, and even have a wedding on a tropical island in Sweet Dance. Use our Sweet Dance codes 2022 to get free gold, coins and diamonds

List of Sweet Dance Redeem Codes 2022 October

We’ve compiled a list of all the accessible Sweet Dance codes. These codes may be redeemed for free gems, gold, coins, diamond starsard, coupons, trainee, and fashion dance by players.

Sweet Dance Redeem Codes 2022Reward
happy0927x200 gems (valid until 27th September)
happy0920x200 gems (valid until 20th September)
happy0913x200 gems (valid until 19th September)
happy0906x200 gems (valid until 12th September)
happy0823x200 gems (valid until 29th August)
happy0809x200 gems (valid until 15th August)
happy0802x200 gems (valid until 8th August)
happy0726x200 gems (valid until 1st August)
happy0719x200 gems (valid until 25th July)
happy0705x200 gems (valid until 11th July)
happy0628x200 gems (valid until 4th July)
happy0621x200 gems (valid until 28th June)
MJ0614x200 gems (valid until 21st June)
TA0607x200 gems (valid until 14th June)
BF0531Redeem code for x200 gems (valid until 7th July)
DS0524Redeem code for x200 gems (valid until 31st May)
DP0517Redeem code for x200 gems (valid until 24th May)
SK0510Redeem code for x200 gems (valid until 17th May)
MK0426Redeem code for x200 gems (valid until 3rd May)
BS0419Redeem code for x200 gems (valid until 26th April)
UPDATE0419Redeem code for x200 gems (valid until 25th April)
MC0412Redeem code for Gold, Coins and Diamonds (valid until 19th April)
LS0405Redeem code for Gold, Coins and Diamonds (valid until 12th April)
293IFKThe code expires on April 5
322IFKThe code expires on March 29
315SDGThe code expires on March 22
fsfp38The code expires on March 15
SPRING31Redeem code for reward (valid until 8th March)
FGOS22Redeem code for reward (valid until 1st March)
vr15seasonRedeem code for reward (valid until 21st February)
IpL85A1v9QmQ2k Gold
MkK9aMk4frNHPink Trainee
fEZUA61ZqzHB10 Angel Wishing Coins
pPq2cSAfLfYq1 Diamond Starsard
jBNRG4ketd5m10 Angel Wishing Coins
LwdNA2f5LWVZ10 Bell
q2IaaJCUN4Hb1 Elf Wishing Coins
XYE2fIz8MaLf1 Fashion Dance
UuMAEYnM6fmN1 Luck Holy Grail
CJIuCnfW3gbs5 Dye
9tdMtB5NzUVc50 Gems/Diamonds
Euk7rh9LNevV1 Kiss
auMdKnwXQHFM1 Salmon
iKxVt5LNBTxA100 Cherry Coins
klFjwiyxuJys10 Fancy Gold Box
4flrInNJY7cmHeart Stone
P51jmAduiZR31 Gold Box

How to Redeem Sweet Dance Codes to get free rewards?

To use Gift Codes in Sweet Dance there is a very simple little procedure. This may be different depending on whether the games are on Andoid or on IOS

  1. First of all, You have to launch the game and locate the “Plus” icon on the top right side of screen

  2. Then a new window should open, find the “Events” button and click on it

  3. Now, you have to click on the “Gift Redeem” button

  4. In the new window you should see an “Please enter redeem code” text box.

  5. You will receive the reward like Gold and Angel Coins and many more

If the above procedure does not work, it is possible to see the procedure via this youtube video

How can I find new Sweet Dance Redeem Codes?

Sweet Dance Redeem Codes

Our list of Sweet Dance Coupon Codes is the most up-to-date of all. It is updated as soon as a new fact is released. All come from the official media of the game. In no case can we create any. So there are two choices to know the last ones, and here’s how to find them:


Pull me with your love
A full and sweet social experience makes all your love fantasies come true. Various forms of interaction deepen your love with your couple on a day-to-day basis. Ride in vehicles together to show your love as if no one is watching you. The diaries of super cute lovers make your daily life full of surprises!
“I want to be your favorite hello and your hardest goodbye”

The beat of the music is my heartbeat for you
Hit the dance floor with a massive list of allowed hits and varied game modes filled with the latest dance moves! The original Trail Mode lets you show your love on every beat and trail!
“Every track and every line is a clue that I want to make you mine.” “

With an elf, you are not alone
The immersive experience of interacting with an elf makes them more than just a “pet”. Feel the fun as you unite with and get on your elf and perform together on the dance floor. You and your elf are going to have a great and fantastic time in the game.
“Please take care of me for the rest of my life. “

You are the super idol
The all new Idol Trainee system gives you an even more exciting gaming experience. Form an idol group with other interns, practice, take jobs and fight for the idol contest to be the brightest star!
“I will be the center of the world to return your cheers to you along my route.”

Check back regularly so as not to miss the next Sweet Dance Codes, events, tier list and guides. If you use social networks, feel free to share with your friends or your guild.

[Total: 8 Average: 4.1]


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