The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall available on Steam

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Daggerfall is one of the most famous episode of The Elder Scrolls (TES), it was he who followed up and opened expansions such as Morrowind, Oblivion or even Skyrim which was a success on console. However, Daggerfall will remain a replica of the game released in 1996, a precursor to the series, but modernized. indeed Bethasda has just confirmed it and added it for free in Steam with a few surprises to bring it up to date.

It follows the ancient Dwemer construct of numidium which Talos used to bring Tamriel together, then split to take over the world of Numidium for his own ends. We will find the introduction of Barznziah, Red Mountain, Daedra and many more. TES: Daggerfall will continue to have five unique endings, each as different as the next, based on the choices you make through numerous quests. We will appreciate their beauty. Bethesda introduced a concept of Dragon Break to merge parallel realities, even non-linear events, everything fits together, everything that happens will be past. To make it simpler, no matter what path you take in the game, no matter the end, whether it’s one or five, you will find the account in the Oblivion, Morrowind expansions…

Its addition to the Steam platform in a free version means that players will not need a code, but that it, thanks to the DOSbox, will configure it automatically in order to be able to play it freely. Among the improvements that are added with the new release of The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall, some commands have been updated, and you also have the possibility to remap commands to make the game more enjoyable. (WSAD, mouse click to attack, etc…)

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To see more, I leave you on the video below to see the big improvements

Daggerfall integrates the Unity engine to have a modern rendering, stunning visuals. And guess what? Daggerfall Unity is a fan-made remake, improved gameplay, updated controls, while incorporating what the original 90s project left out due to lack of technical means. Yes, we are in 2022 and more in 1996. Technology has evolved. . Speaking of fans, it’s Ted Peterson who worked for Arena, lead designer of Daggerfall and writer of Morrowind. You will find in the game many books written by Peterson although he has not been to Bethasda for a while.

Gavin Clayton, the creator of Daggerfall Unity said of him: “One of the most wonderful interactions I’ve had is with Ted Peterson”. The books explore the motivations and deep history of Lord Woodborne, the antagonist of Daggerfall. It is he who assassinates King Lysandus in order to trigger the story of the game. The purpose of the books is to complete certain shortcomings in the main story, without changing the game. They bring additional context and stories, just as interesting that fans of The Elder Scrolls deserve to know.

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