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The Walking Dead Survivors Patch Notes 1.85

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Find here the last official patch notes of The Walking Dead: Survivors, update 1.85
This Patch Notes is from their official Facebook

UPDATE : 30/08/24

New version 1.8.5 and maintenance notice
Dear survivors,
Version 1.8.5 has been approved by app stores and will be implemented tomorrow August 31st. In order to implement the update, a scheduled maintenance will be scheduled from 06:00 UTC and will last approximately 1 hour.
“What’s new?

Equipment system overhaul

  1. Optimization of equipment manufacturing system:
  • Combat equipment will only require one type of material called “Steel Pipes”, development equipment will only require one type of material called “Wood”.
  • Different types of equipment will require different Blueprint shards.
  • All materials and blueprints have been adjusted to be of a unique rarity, “Uncommon”. You can use this unique material to craft equipment of any rarity. The higher the quality of the equipment, the more quantity will be needed;
  • Crafting legendary equipment will require a special material: the anvil

2.Optimized the display of equipment effects:

-Equipment directly displays the percentage of effect of defense against attacks and other attributes

  1. Optimization of the interface and artistic effects, making it easier to understand and use
    Exchange of equipment material / plans
    Once the new version goes live, there will only be a scarcity of materials and blueprints. Therefore, blueprints and materials currently held by players will be exchanged for the new materials based on their rarity.

Materials and blueprints will be exchanged as follows:

  1. Complete Blueprints:

Uncommon Blueprint *1 = Blueprint *100
Rare Blueprint *1 = Blueprint *400
Epic Blueprint *1 = Blueprint *1600
Legendary Blueprint *1 = Blueprint *6400

  1. Blueprint fragments:

Uncommon Blueprint Fragment *1 = Blueprint *1
Rare Blueprint Fragment *1 = Blueprint *4
Epic Blueprint Fragment *1 = Blueprint *16
Legendary Blueprint Fragment *1 = Blueprint *64

  1. Combat equipment materials:

Uncommon Material1 = Steel Pipes1
Rare Material 1 = Steel Pipes4
Epic Material 1 = Steel Pipes16
Legendary Material 1 = Steel Pipes64

  1. Development of equipment materials:

Uncommon Material1 = Wood1
Rare Material *1 = Wood *4
Epic Material *1 = Wood *16
Legendary Material *1 = Wood *64

Wheel of Fortune

  1. New event: The Wheel of Fortune. The main rewards include large amounts of Rubies, Town Hall appearances, and Legendary Survivor Shards.
  2. The first phase of the event will take place September 10-14, so stay tuned!

Strongest Survivor Optimization

  1. Stages of the Strongest Survivor event have been replaced with 6 new stages.
  • Research frenzy (1 day)
  • The madness of construction (1 day)
  • Mania training (1 day)
  • Radio and Grab (1 day)
  • Power on (1 day)
  • Full development (1 day, this step will not take place the first time The Strongest Survivor event takes place on a new server.)
  1. Please check the game interface for the rules for earning points at each stage.
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