Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands SHiFT Codes 2022 August

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Find here in our wiki all the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands SHiFT Codes 2022 that work today. They will give you the chance to get unique rewards such as Skeleton Keys and many other. Here, we have listed them for you in their entirety, and also how to redeem them and where to find the latest ones.

Action-RPG and first-person shooter video game Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands was created by Gearbox Software and released by 2K Games. It is a continuation of Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina and the Dragon Fortress and a spin-off of the Borderlands franchise. On March 25, 2022, the game was made available for Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and Series S.

List of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands SHiFT Codes 2022

We’ve compiled a list of all Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands codes. Skeleton Keys can be obtained by redeeming these codes. We have a list of 500+ games with gift codes

TBXTT-9H6W9-KC35C-BBTJT-35CJ51 Skeleton Keys (valid until 18th August)
JJ63T-FS659-KWTKC-B33JT-3C6631 Skeleton Keys (valid until 11th August)
TBRT3-KZ6C9-5KBCC-JBT3J-CKJRH1 Skeleton Keys (valid until 4th August)
BJR3T-THR59-CCJKW-TBJJB-BTZS51 Skeleton Keys (valid until 28th July)
T3FJT-F6RCH-WWJKW-B33BT-KRRHB1 Skeleton Keys (valid until 14th July)
BBFJB-W665H-5W35C-JTB3J-55H6B1 Skeleton Keys (valid until 7th July)
BBF33-TFFWZ-KC3KW-3JJJJ-WCXZR1 Skeleton Keys (valid until 30th June)
J3RT3-9W6W9-WCJ5C-333J3-5CJRF1 Skeleton Keys
T3R33-9BRWH-KKBKW-B3TTB-36TBF1 Skeleton Keys
3TX3T-5T6CH-KKB5W-T3BTB-JCR531 Skeleton Keys
3BRJT-BB55Z-KW3C5-J3BJT-R3FRT1 Skeleton Keys
BTXT3-W3H6J-6CBCW-JBTJJ-XZW9F10 Skeleton Keys
TB6JJ-SST5Z-5KT5C-JBJB3-XHS9K1 Skeleton Keys
JJRJB-CS3WZ-WWTW5-33BJT-JZ9RJ1 Skeleton Keys
B3F3J-3S3KZ-CWBWC-BTT3T-SHF5F 1 Skeleton Keys
TBX3T-96TCZ-K53WC-BBTBB-THXJT1 Skeleton Keys
BTX3T-6RTWZ-K5BW5-3BBB3-3TFCZ1 Skeleton Keys
TB6BT-SWJCS-WKTK5-3B3B3-5BJW91 Skeleton Keys
B36T3-KSZ6F-K5TKK-JJ3B3-B6B3J1 Skeleton Keys
JBRTT-BZH6F-CC3W5-3TTTB-XB9HH1 Skeleton Keys

Where can I find new Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Codes?

Sources of reliable information are easy to find. You should know that all Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Codes are distributed only by the publisher through its official social networks. Here are the links we use to update ourselves and keep us informed of the latest news for this game:

How to Redeem Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Code to get free rewards?

To claim a Gift code in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, there are a few simple steps to complete. Not that different from other games.

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Redeeming Shift codes may be done in-game through the Shift menu or online at the Shift website.

  • Open the Social menu while playing the game
  • Tab to Shift to redeem in-game items.
  • selecting “Redeem.” From the Mail tab of the same menu, you may retrieve it.
  • You’ll receive a Skeleton key after entering the code

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